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Oct 12, 2006 05:10 PM

Besides Vetri...

Looking for a special place for our anniversary. Vetri is our favorite- we usually go there at least once a year for a special meal- but they are booked. We did Lacroix for hubby's birthday and lvoed it too. Le Bec and Fountain are out. Is there anywhere else I am forgetting with extraordinary food, service and an elegant ambience? BYOB is out!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
          1. re: Elaine

            So far, in our year-and-a-half in Philly, Sovalo has provided the most consistently excellent meals we've had. We haven't been to Vetri yet, so I don't know if it's in the same category, elegance-wise, but given the choice between Sovalo and the pretty-nice-to-very-fancy places we HAVE been (LaCroix, Matyson, Melograno, Copper Bistro, Striped Bass, Casta Diva, Tria, some others I'm forgetting at the moment), I'd definitely choose Sovalo. And they have a very sweet little room, candle-lit, with good service and, yes, wine.

            If you go and they have the chocolate torte on the menu (and if you care for chocolate at all), I cannot stress highly enough the necessity of ordering it. It's an incredibly simple thing - a completely unadorned chocolate-custard torte - that goes exactly right where so many other warmish-chocolate-cakeish desserts go wrong.

            1. re: GDSwamp

              I loved Sovalo (tallegio fondu, duck gnocchi,fontina and pear ravioli, roasted pork, hanger steak,etc.), and would agree it's a good spot for a special dinner.
              But it's not quite in the same league as Vetri.
              It appears you've been around the city a pretty good amount, definitely make Vetri a priority. You will be very, very happy with the antipasto, airy, incredibly light spinach gnocchi (although now I wonder if they're still making it with recent issues), and any meat on the menu. To me, Philadelphia's most outstanding restaurant.

              1. re: JCap

                Thanks, JCap. I've been interested in Vetri for awhile, so your rec puts me over the top. We'll definitely go as soon as the opportunity presents itself (meaning, as soon as we're not flat broke).

          2. Haven't been there for a while, but Jakes in Manayunk was always very lovely with excellent food and service.