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Oct 12, 2006 04:48 PM

Sushi Sennin- Why is this place so expensive?

I was looking at the menu- $30 rolls, tatakis, tartares?

I love great sushi and also like fun rolls from medium good places (ie: Yama, etc....) but this looks out of wack.

Would love any insight!


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  1. I don't know - I've been to the one on the UES and find the price/quality ratio askew. Haven't been back.

    1. I used to love the one near Herald Square but at some point suddenly realized that the the whole thing was a rip-off and haven't been to either branch since. The last time I went was for lunch, and I didn't even GET the (marginally) cheaper lunch menu until I asked for it several times. That's a joke -- it pisses me off, because they know people on expense accounts will pay their outrageous prices, so they can't be bothered to treat other people well.

      1. I've been to Sushi Sen-nin many times (their original 34 St. location, their uptown location, and their new 33 St. location), and all I can say is the fish is the freshest around. I won't eat sushi/sashimi anywhere else. I like it better than Yasuda (which to me is overpriced for very little quantity). The expensive rolls are terrific, and are a meal by themselves. I normally like to split one of the big rolls, and order some sashimi pieces in addition. The new space is very dramatic (high ceiling).

        1. Yes, I admit it is pricey but I love the quality and quantity. I highly recommend the Sashimi Deluxe (about a dozen varieties, 3-4 pieces of each for about $36). We typically order 1 mega roll (price, size) and the Sashimi Deluxe and we are stuffed. Great salted yellowtail collar. Particularly like the new 33rd location. Staff are warm and helpful.

          1. I went there about a month ago with a group of 6. When I use to go, it would be at the location in the 30's a few years ago.. I loved this place.. The people working there and the food as well.

            I was happy to see them open a spot on the UES. Before Sushi came we ordered some apps. We got the spicy mussels which was great. Beef rolled in scallion and the chicken yakitori.. These were average.. And before the apps came, I ordered some Edamame, these were more costly then usual, if I am not mistaken..

            After that I ordered for the table of 6 three rolls and a bunch of sashimi and sushi.. The fish was great. They had some interesting pieces. One thing I did not like was how they sliced the toro.. Instead of a large piece the way they cut all there other fish, they served several thin slices. Perhaps this is the traditional way, but I was looking forward to a big hunk o' toro.. But that was my one complaint, all the pieces were great! And we really liked the super vinegary rice.. The rice has a brown color to it because of the vinegar.. I could eat a bowl of just the sushi rice. The rolls were expensive but, about twice to three times the size of your normal roll..

            I did not pay for the meal but, I could guess it was expensive.. I think for the setting, service and quality, it was worth it..