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Oct 12, 2006 04:28 PM

Coi, Myth, Ame or What?

I'm trying to decide on one of these restaurants for an up comming trip. Any thoughts?

I'm already going to Chez Panisse, NoPa, Slanted Door, and Yank Sing on other days.


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    1. We've eaten at Myth 3-4 times and have never been disappointed with either the food or the service.

      Had our anniversary dinner at Ame and thought it was one of the best places we've eaten in the city in a long time. Again, the food was wonderful and service was flawless. It is more expensive than Myth if that's of concern.

      No experience with Coi,

      1. Coi is fantastic, an unusual experience. It really depends what you're looking for.

        1. I can't speak about Myth, but I love Coi. The tasting menu is just wonderful and very creative--Daniel Patterson really brings a unique perspective. I haven't had dinner at Ame, but my lunch there was quite nice, but not as exciting as Coi.

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            That second "but" seems out of place--did you mean to type "nice, but not as exciting"?

          2. All are worth visiting, but the most interesting is probably COI.