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Oct 12, 2006 03:57 PM

little owl or red cat?

i'm trying to decide between the two for a late weeknight dinner with an out-of-town friend. how would you say they compare? both sound really good from the posts i've read so i'm just not sure which to try first.


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  1. food is great, and somewhat similar at each - great ingredients, well and relatively simply prepared. comfort food-ish, if that makes sense.

    little owl is much smaller, more intimate, more charming, but they are both nice relaxed places with very nice and very excellent service.

    i would recommend looking at both menus and going with which looks good to you. i've had excellent experiences both places and think you'll be happy whichever you pick. enjoy.

    1. thanks! it turns out that the little owl is closed on the night i want to go so that solves that. i will definitely go soon, though - it sounds delightful and the menu looks great! have you been for brunch or only dinner?

      and for red cat, any favorites to recommend?

      1. I LOVE Red Cat. It's honestly one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. I haven't looked at their latest menu, but for appetizers, we had tempura bacon with black-eyed peas, and lobster perogies. Both were incredible. The suckling pig was perfectly done. It's a great restaurant, really good service, and very nice atmosphere. It's a very "New York" restaurant to take people from out of town.