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Oct 12, 2006 03:53 PM

Restaurant for 50 in Downtown San Jose

I am looking for a place to handle a group of 50 or so near
the SJ Quilt Museum at 520 First St. off Hwy. 82.

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  1. Paragon on First Street and San Carlos has a private room that you can reserve for a large party.

    1. Thanks for the lead. Web site looks interesting.
      Any others we should check ?

      1. I've been to a private function at Il Fornaio, in the St. Claire hotel, Market & San Carlos.

        1. You could try some of the resteraunts in santana row as there are quite a few different styles so you could find one to your liking most of them have private rooms and its fairly close to downtown.

          1. Try Eulipia on South First St. They bend over backwards for large groups and have a private room that seats 50. We had our holiday party there last year and the year before and set up a fix price menu based on their regular menu. It was the best banquet food I've ever had.