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Oct 12, 2006 03:48 PM

Sherborn Inn?

Would you recommend the Sherborn Inn for a quiet/romantic (i.e. rare child free) Saturday night dinner? We'll be in Dover, so it appears to be nearby. Thanks!

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  1. Every once in a while, we go out there for the setting-- nice country inn feel. The food is par for the course, solid American style with a few twists.

    1. Having grown up in Sherborn, I have spent my share of evenings at the Inn. It really is nothing special. That said, I would suggest Zebra's in Medfield over the Sherborn Inn for a child free evening.

      1. I eat in the grill (tavern? bar? whatever - the informal room) there pretty often with my dad. It's okay, but beginning to wear on me. I agree with newhound, it's a cozy spot.

        1. I live in the area as well. The tavern is good for a casual dinner; it's quite loud, so it's neither quiet nor romantic. The main dining room would fulfill those requirements much better, and there really are some decent things on the menu, even though the atmosphere's a little old fashioned. I had a really good chicken dish recently in the tavern; it was a nightly special, but the waitress said they were adding it to the menu. Not sure about the main dining room- I think there's some crossover.