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Oct 12, 2006 03:47 PM

Sunday brunch recommendations

My in-laws have our daughter for the weekend!! Which means my husband and I (among other things :)) can go for brunch on Sunday.
We have always been big fans of Xacutti and Mildred Pearce but are looking for some new suggestions.

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  1. Oh, love the Xacutti but haven't done brunch there in a long time -- do they still have the cardamom biscuits? Soooo good.

    My other favorite brunch spot is the Old York Tavern. Really, really good Eggs Benedict that I will drive in from Hamilton to enjoy. It's on Niagara, just south of King.

    I've also had brunch at Bar Italia, but I don't remember much about it so it couldn't have been that great.

    1. Xacutti's our fave!

      Haven't yet tried it, but many hounds seem to be raving about Dessert Trends bistro ('s top of my list!

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        mmm, the food looks great, will have to try it!

        1. Try Kultura on King East and Brassaii on King West.

          1. If the weather is nice, why not try Boho or River, both on Roncesvalles, and then head over to High Park for a hike. Butler's Pantry on Roncie also has fabulous French Toast.

            1. Dessert trends serves great food and coffee in a modest cafe setting. The apple pancake is quite amazing. The crab sandwich too!

              Brassaii is very nice for brunch and Thuet is awesome!

              Haven't been to Kultura yet, but as I have read, the hounds love it for the most part.

              Then there is The Senator. Fresh diner breakfast that always satisfies.