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Oct 12, 2006 03:17 PM

best PHX BBQ for TX expat... TODAY!

where's the best BBQ I can get for lunch today near downtown or the 51 corridor? I don't want anything fancy, I don't get bbq for service, i'd rather a reasonable price, plus the brisket should be good, me being a Texan and all.


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  1. I lived in Dallas for 8 or 9 years, but I'm not a bbq expert. My favorite place is Joe's, but it's hell and gone in Gilbert. Honey Bear's BBQ usually gets good press, but I haven't been to the downtown location.

    1. Honey Bear's downtown is Central and about Thomas, red and white shack, west side. I don't think I've ever had the brisket but I don't flinch at recommending it to anyone, even a Texan. There's another location closer to Tempe around Van Buren, that's the one I've been to.

      Mmm, mac & cheese. Peach cobbler.

      Oh, actually, best brisket I know of is a place called The BBQ Company and it's hidden back in an industrial park. You will have to mapquest this, but when you get close, you'll know. About the time the smell hits you, you'll see the street lined with cars, as there's almost no parking. Every other Wednesday there's a buffet -- maybe you'll get lucky today! I found their website, here you go:

      edited: Holy crap, they've won a lot of awards.

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        In north phoenix today is thursday.

      2. I also highly recommend Honey Bear's. There's actually three locations, 2 in Phoenix (Central/ Thomas and 50th St/ Van Buren), and 1 in Tempe (Priest/ Elliot).

        The newer Bobby Q's (Phoenix: 8501 N. 27th Ave) also has decent BBQ.

        And yea, Joe's in downtown Gilbert.

        1. Thanks, I went to BBQ co. Didn't quite take me home, but sure hit the spot. I'll save Honey Bear's for when I'm in a Tennessee mood, today I needed some TX style. Thanks!

          1. I would also recommend Waldo's, in Mesa on Main St.

            Honey Bear's doesn't do it for me, it is good, but isn't real Memphis BBQ. of course, there isn't much that is.