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Oct 12, 2006 03:09 PM

Looking for a restaurant similar to the Bread Basket in Idyllwild (Central/South OC)

Hey all,

I was up in Idyllwild last year for a friend's wedding and ended up staying just down the street from a really wonderful, family-run restaurant called the Bread Basket, which serves classic and delicious American fare at really great prices. While I still make the occasional trip up to Idyllwild just to eat there, that's a several hour trip. Does anyone who is familiar with the Bread Basket know of a similar style/quality restaurant in Central or South OC? I'm based in Irvine, but given that my current option is driving to Idyllwild, I'm not afraid of a bit of a trek.

The Bread Basket
54701 N. Circle Dr.
Idyllwild, CA 92549

- Chubbypanda

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  1. Those prices are hard to beat! 9.95 for dinner?! I'd also like to know.

    1. Pacific Whey (Newport Coast, Ladera Ranch, Newport Beach) serves similar fare. Not quite as cheap, but I have always enjoyed the food, especially the breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and salads.

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      1. Ah, I remember the Bread Basket. It's one of those great, quirky places. I think what makes this place special has as much to do with the setting as with the food.

        I'm not sure that you'll find anything like it in the OC. But if you're ever in points north, give Wild Thyme in South Pasadena a try.

        805 Fair Oaks Ave
        South Pasadena, CA 91030
        (626) 799-4169

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