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Oct 12, 2006 03:09 PM

Saigon Grill

Has the east side one reopened? I'm craving for lunch today.

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  1. I was by there a couple of days ago - wasn't open - they do have a big sign up saying that they are renovating and that the other location is open - which does suggest that they intend to reopen.

    1. Man, do I miss that place. Check out this thread for more idle speculation on the UES location's renovations:

      1. HaleyJen, just wanted to make sure you knew the one right off Union Square on Univ Place. The space is really gorgeous--a far cry from UES spot. Great bar area too.

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        1. re: duaoj1

          No, I know about...I just work Upper East and was craving Bao!

        2. was there for lunch last week - very busy.
          menu the same more or less and maybe only 5% increase in prices.
          no free pot of tea though.

          asked about the UES reopening - answer somewhat unconvincing but it will be months not weeks if it happens