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Oct 12, 2006 03:08 PM

favorite brunch place in park slope?

usual top picks are applewood and stone park cafe. i hear rose water does a good brunch, and chestnut in carroll gardens. what are your favorites for good weekend brunch in the neighborhood - both of the nicer caliber, like those mentioned, or totally casual?

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  1. and yes, i did see the other postings.... thanks y'all!

    1. Miriam's is excellent! Highly rec'd for brunch that is both traditional and not.

      1. Stone Park and Black Pearl are both really great

        1. For going all out: Stone Park (def. prefer it to Rosewater in this category)

          For fantastic brunch on the (pretty) cheap: Cousin John's

          For great experience for the price: Beso

          1. i like the rosewater for the brunch. they make a great salt cod cake that goes well with poached farm fresh eggs.