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Oct 12, 2006 02:11 PM

A Burger in White Plains

There are a host of bar/restaurants on Mamaroneck Ave in the heart of White Plains. Do any of them have an EXCEPTIONAL Burger? and Fries

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  1. Last week we tried Porter House, where the bike shop used to be on Mamaroneck Ave. They have sort of a "make your own", you pick the toppings. While I didn't have it, my son went crazy and said it was one of the best he ever had. I had the fries, they were seasoned shoestrings and good! They also have curly fries.

    Not exactly on Mamaroneck Avenue but worth the trek...Bar Bites (the equivalent of happy hour) at Morton's on Bloomingdale Road. Drinks are discounted and you can get plates of little things such as sliders and sliced steak sandwiches for $3 or 4 a plate. Served 5:00-6:30 and 9:30-11:00. They're good! There are more details on the Morton's website under "events".

    Also, I posted about a week or two ago with a downhill alert on Tayste (they need to clean their grill, among other things). Don't do it. Same for that 50's burger place on Court Street across from Macy's, frozen patties, really gross.

    I haven't tried Sports Page in its new location on Barker Ave in the mini-mall. That might have potential.

    1. Try the Lazyboy saloon on Mamaroneck Ave.

      1. On Mam'k Ave, I am very partial to James Joyce's burgers. Big, juicy burgers with a huge heap of fries. They are definitely in my top 5 in westchester. With a cold beer, this is one of my favorite dinners out. They also have some good happy hour specials during the week, so you can kill two birds with one stone if you're so inclined.

        1. in white plains, the burger at james joyce is pretty good. id highly recommend just hopping on 22 and going to the piper's kilt in eastchester. it's about a 15 minute drive. they make a fantastic burger.

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            Sounds like James Joyce is worth a try. I do like Pipers a bunch and think Blazers Pub is the best around. I agree abou the 50's place you mentioned. They try but in this day and age that alone doesn't cut it.It is a weak version of an already weak Johnny Rockets.The Sports Page never did much for me in the old location. I would think between all of the places on Westchester Ave , something would stand out. By the way , anyone know whatever happened to the Hot Dog place that was on Westchester Ave?

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              I second (third, fourth?) James Joyce- good pub menu as well.

            2. Dim Sum Diva, for the life of me, I can't think of where the bike shop was on Mamaroneck Ave. Can you give another landmark?

              Anyone been to Squires in Briarcliff? Mr. dolores went there with car friends and said it was very good.

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              1. re: dolores

                i grew up in WP and I think she might be talking about the bike shop near the old Fore and Aft - - - Pauldings? but it is way off of Mamaroneck ave.

                1. re: jcm

                  I passed it by, jcm. It's actually across from the other two burger places, James Joyce and Lazyboy.

                  For the life of me, I still can't remember a bike shop there, but then again, I haven't been in White Plains since Nordstrom stopped validating.

                  And won't go until I find somewhere that I can park for free after 6:00pm. If not, oh gosh, they'll just have to get by without my business.

                  BTW, I was sorry to see the Fore and Aft gone.