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Oct 12, 2006 02:07 PM

Best seafood in Boston

I have only been to a couple of seafood restaurants, Kingfish Hall, and Legal Sea Foods. My husband and I are visiting my daughter next weekend, and would like to take she and a friend to a different seafood restaurant.I don't know the area very well and would appreciate some suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. This is a FAQ (which means a lot of hounds are likely glaze over and ignore it; ditto questions on best restaurants in Boston), you should consider searching this board for older threads.

    Here's a recent one of interest:

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    1. I really love both Neptune Oyster and B&G Oysters. Both have somewhat similar food, but I think B&G is a bit more refined and elegant whereas Neptune is more boisterous and fun. Prices are similar at both and you can usually order from a selection of a dozen oysters each day. Both places blow Kingfish and Legal out of the water.

      For a totally different option and for seafood with more in-your-face flavors, East Coast Grill is great, and lots of fun. Definitely more casual. Great drinks and great non-seafood options.

      I've never explored them, but many on this site recommend some of the Portuguese and Brazilian spots in Cambridge for seafood.

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        Thanks so much,I've only registered to chowhounds 10 min. ago...Great sight!

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          Though the food at B and G Oyster is excellent (if pricey) I have found the service there to be abhorrant the 4 times I have been there. Which surprises me because #9 and Butcher Shop's service is so great.

          Agree on East Coast Grill. Off the beaten track but with excellent seafood is JP Seafood in Jamaica Plain.

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            My experiences have been a bit different. The service at B&G was great whereas the service at the Butcher Shop was pretty poor---inattentive and the waiter seemed to be put-out by answering menu questions, such as what cuts are in the assiette of lamb and what cheeses are in the 5-cheese plate, he actually brought the plate and began to leave the table, so we had to catch him to give us a quick rundown of the cheeses.

            That said, I've never had anything but great service at Neptune and East Coast Grill.

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              I have never experienced anything other than great service at B&G.

          2. Hi Bobbi, Welcome to chowhound! I will chime in to 2nd the B&G Oyster recommendation. It is one of my husband & my favorite places. Don't let the name fool you, they have more than just oysters. Their menu is definitely seafood centric though.

            Here's the link to their website:

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            1. Yes, I think B & G, Neptune, and East Coast Grill are all great suggestions. Keep in mind that unless you've got 4 or more in your party, I don't think any of them take reservations, so you may have to wait a bit if you go at a peak time (and even if you don't!)
              East Coast Grill is a great spot, very festive and boisterous and yes, loud! But great food and drinks!

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                Recent reports here on ECG are that apps are stronger than mains.

              2. Don't forget the Chinese places, Peach Farm, East Ocean City/Ocean Wealth in particular. Very fresh and delicious. Check out previous posts on those for guidance on what to order.

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                  I'd also add Jumbo, Gourmet Seafood and Lucky House to the list.