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Best seafood in Boston

I have only been to a couple of seafood restaurants, Kingfish Hall, and Legal Sea Foods. My husband and I are visiting my daughter next weekend, and would like to take she and a friend to a different seafood restaurant.I don't know the area very well and would appreciate some suggestions. Thank you!

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  1. This is a FAQ (which means a lot of hounds are likely glaze over and ignore it; ditto questions on best restaurants in Boston), you should consider searching this board for older threads.

    Here's a recent one of interest:


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    1. I really love both Neptune Oyster and B&G Oysters. Both have somewhat similar food, but I think B&G is a bit more refined and elegant whereas Neptune is more boisterous and fun. Prices are similar at both and you can usually order from a selection of a dozen oysters each day. Both places blow Kingfish and Legal out of the water.

      For a totally different option and for seafood with more in-your-face flavors, East Coast Grill is great, and lots of fun. Definitely more casual. Great drinks and great non-seafood options.

      I've never explored them, but many on this site recommend some of the Portuguese and Brazilian spots in Cambridge for seafood.

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        Thanks so much,I've only registered to chowhounds 10 min. ago...Great sight!

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          Though the food at B and G Oyster is excellent (if pricey) I have found the service there to be abhorrant the 4 times I have been there. Which surprises me because #9 and Butcher Shop's service is so great.

          Agree on East Coast Grill. Off the beaten track but with excellent seafood is JP Seafood in Jamaica Plain.

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            My experiences have been a bit different. The service at B&G was great whereas the service at the Butcher Shop was pretty poor---inattentive and the waiter seemed to be put-out by answering menu questions, such as what cuts are in the assiette of lamb and what cheeses are in the 5-cheese plate, he actually brought the plate and began to leave the table, so we had to catch him to give us a quick rundown of the cheeses.

            That said, I've never had anything but great service at Neptune and East Coast Grill.

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              I have never experienced anything other than great service at B&G.

          2. Hi Bobbi, Welcome to chowhound! I will chime in to 2nd the B&G Oyster recommendation. It is one of my husband & my favorite places. Don't let the name fool you, they have more than just oysters. Their menu is definitely seafood centric though.

            Here's the link to their website: http://www.bandgoysters.com/index.php...

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            1. Yes, I think B & G, Neptune, and East Coast Grill are all great suggestions. Keep in mind that unless you've got 4 or more in your party, I don't think any of them take reservations, so you may have to wait a bit if you go at a peak time (and even if you don't!)
              East Coast Grill is a great spot, very festive and boisterous and yes, loud! But great food and drinks!

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                Recent reports here on ECG are that apps are stronger than mains.

              2. Don't forget the Chinese places, Peach Farm, East Ocean City/Ocean Wealth in particular. Very fresh and delicious. Check out previous posts on those for guidance on what to order.

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                  I'd also add Jumbo, Gourmet Seafood and Lucky House to the list.

                2. I would throw in my vote with the East Coast Grill, as a transplant from San Francisco, I find their seafood really great and different. I believe they do take reservations now, but I could be wrong. I was there a few weeks ago and it was great as always.

                  1. great comments hounds! B&G and neptune for the freshest oysters and hit or miss service-lovely surroundings at both-ECG for grilled fish and mostly great service the decor is a bit less lovely but festive and peach farm for safe bet good luck

                    1. If it's fish and chips you're looking for, The Druid in Inman Square is great.

                      While we're on this topic, how do people feel about Court House Seafood on Cambridge St? Haven't made the trek down there from my new digs in Inman just yet.

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                        I think Courthouse Seafood is excellent for fresh fish..I think they also cook; but I haven't tried them. I also like New Deal..just up the street. If I'm in that area, I just check both and see what seems to have the most interesting fish that day...but thumbs up for both.

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                          Courthouse is both a fish market and a restaurant. It is run by two brothers (who mostly work in the market) and a sister (mostly in the restaurant). The restaurant started when they used to fry fish in the market on Wednesdays and Fridays for the Portuguese and Italian clientle in the neighborhood -- back in those days Legal Seafoods was still in Inman square.

                          All the fish is quite fresh. Their breadings are a bit more dense than something like the Daily Catch and the fried fish comes out well browned. They do "grilled" items in a pull out broiler tray on their gas oven. One weak point is their fries which are pretty uninspiring, but the rice is pretty good. I often just get a boxed side orders and combine it with their fish cakes or a salad. They also have fried smelts which are not so common these days at other fish locations, which are also available under a heat lamp at the market. You can buy any fish at the market and for an extra $1/lb they will cook it for you at the restaurant. The whiteboard at the restaurant has around 10 specials, including combinations and some healthy plates. The market closes at 6:30 sharp and the restaurant at 7pm. When I had their lobster roll last it had no celery and was almost entirely tail meet, but not huge for $11. The bun toasted in the broiler. The often have fried oyster specials and its a good place to get broiled bluefish.

                          The market also has a number of portugese specialties beyond fish. Look for the suave black olives in the plastic trash cans (lined), get some colorau (portuguese paprika), look for piri piri sauce, etc. A number of Brazilians like to go in there and ask for their fish to make moqueca.