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Oct 12, 2006 02:00 PM

Brunch in Fort Lee for aged relative

Can anyone recommend a good Sunday brunch or lunch in the vicinity of Fort Lee? It's for an "aged relative" (affectionately, a la Wodehouse) who insists on lunch at noon on the dot.

Over the past five years, we have been to a variety of rather bad and sometimes expensive restaurants in the Fort Lee/Edgewater/Paramus area. We take the aged relative to brunch every few weeks and we are slowly losing hope.

Can anyone recommend a halfway decent place for Sunday lunch at noon?

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  1. where have you been that you did not like?

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      We live out in Queens and don't know much at all about Fort Lee and its surrounding areas. The aged relative doesn't get further than the senior center in Fort Lee on her own, so she depends on us to take her out for lunch. So nearly anything would be better than where we have been.

      Our misadventures in Bergen Country include:

      Kinara in Edgewater - truly sub-standard Indian buffet

      very large Korean restaurant right overlooking the river - chilly, weird atmosphere, mediocre food

      a paddle boat turned restaurant, maybe near liberty park (?) - awful food, smelled funny, aged relative still talks about it because they gave her a free plastic flute of sparkling wine

      Shiraz in Edgewater - lackluster Persian (aged relative is Iranian)

      Red Oak diner - dreadful, an insult to diners everywhere

      Carriage House diner near Paramus mall - mediocre, but better than anywhere else we have been

      Marriott buffet brunch - high-priced mediocre food

      Mo Pho in Fort Lee - overpriced bad Vietnamese

      We are open to anything, and would truly love to discover a reliable place to take the aged relative for Sunday lunch at noon on the dot.

    2. On River Road past Edgewater, there is the River View Diner. I don't usually eat breakfast there, but have had sandwiches, etc and they are usually pretty good. I do agree about the Red Oak Diner - terrible. There is a Baumgart's Cafe in Edgewater at City Place (also on River Road), I have not eaten there, but people tell me the one in Englewood is good - it is some mixture of Chinese, Sushi & ice cream. There is In Napoli on Main St - they have a buffet brunch - not the best buffet in the world, not the worst, $16.95 pp, so not the most expensive either. There is an Outback Steakhouse at Edgewater Commons, also on River Road - now I have never been to an Outback, but neighbors have told me that they have great hamburgers which I have gone there to try, but there was a wait & my husband will not wait. There is always the Cheesecake Factory at the Riverside Mall in Hackensack on Route 4 (which I know people here don't particularly like, but I do like the salads there) and also a California Pizza Kitchen in Paramus at the Garden State Mall. There are many other restaurants in Ft. Lee, but they will not be open on Sunday at 12:00 & now that I think of it - I don't think the Outback opens that early on Sunday. If I can think of others, I'll let you know.

      1. Would you consider hoboken? Fantastic brunch at the Brass Rail, Court Street, Amandas, or 10th and Willow.

        It's about as far as Paramus from Fort Lee.

        There's also Arthur's Landing or the Chart House in weehawken

        1. For chain breakfast food there is an Original Pancake House in Fort Lee. I have mostly eaten in the ones in DC and find them to be above average breakfast food.

          There is also a good Chinese restaurant nearby - John's Shanghai over in Edgewater. I am not sure of their hours though.

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            yup, i forgot about the original pancake house since it is newish - it is by the Borders on Lemoine Ave - we ate there for breakfast a couple of weeks ago - it is pretty good - enormous omelets, great pancakes & don't forget that apple pancake thing - dutch baby, maybe. We go to John's Shanghai & love it. If you do go there, be sure to have the steamed pork juice buns. Arthur's Landing does not do it for me, although I have never been for brunch so who knows. And we do love Amanda's in Hoboken.

          2. I can't thank you all enough for your kind replies! I am looking forward to Sunday lunch for the first time in ages. We will try your suggestions and report back.

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              Houstons at Riverside Mall is usually quiet and easier to get in to at lunch...they have great salads, excellent burgers (beef and veggie), and entrees as well. sevice is efficient but it has some atmosphere and you will feel like you've actually gone somewhere.