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Oct 12, 2006 01:29 PM

Taste of Georgetown This Weekend

It's comin' up this Saturday, from 11-4. More (but still very little) info is available here: I've never been to it before, so can anyone tell me about it? Are the $4-5 tastes worth it? Are there any standout restaurants to pay attention to?

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  1. If it's anything like any of the other "Taste of" festivals in and around DC, (Taste of DC, Taste of Bethesda, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Adams Morgan Day, the Carribean festival) prepare to be underwhelmed.

    Citronelle and Sea Catch may be worth the money, but you'd really be better off just going to the restaurant and having a few appetizers. Fewer crowds, less noise, less mediocre food.

    Which begs the question, why are Taste of festivals in DC so lousy? The ones in Chicago, New Orleans, and NYC manage to have decent food.

    1. I've not been to Taste of Georgetown, but go and have a great time, as I did at Taste of Bethesda last weekend.

      I almost didn't go to Taste of Bethesda last weekend, after the way it was panned by Chowhounders and other things I found online. People said it was expensive, tastes were stingy, and you had to sit and eat in the gutter.

      No taste cost more than 3 tickets ($3.50). More expensive than $1 tastes at Taste of Wheaton, but it was a good deal, especially at some of the more generous booths. Food was more than decent. There some chairs set up, but it's a street food festival for goodness sake! And come 4pm, I ate for free!

      I'm excited by the lineup of Georgetown restaurants participating. For lack of recs, just walk around and see what looks good. If their portions aren't too skimpy (or even if they are), 1789, Citronelle, Sea Catch, Leopolds, Ferenheit, and Seasons are pretty enticing options!

      I'll post a review of my Taste of Bethesda eats for anyone interested on the thread I started on ToB.


      1. I went last year with a group and had a blast, even with the light rain. I loved being able to sample the area's offerings at a reasonable price. Some of the portions were quite large. Decent-sized crab cakes for $4 and so on. Maybe it's not for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it.

        1. Monkey Erotica: Taste of Chicago has gotten pretty lousy. Lots of big commercial vendors offering meat on a stick, but nothing interesting or distinctive.

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          1. re: Don Cornelius

            I have to agree.

            Taste of Chicago caters to suburbanites who work in the Loop. Once City Hall realized it had a real money-maker on its hands, ToC became the exclusive property of poliitcally-favored restaurants willing/able to pay City Hall's fees.

            I stopped attending ToC years before I moved away.

          2. Taste of Wheaton, with $1 tastes and very family-frendly vibe, is the best of the "Tastes" around here. Sad to hear about Chicago, I haven't been in years but it was really great fun when I was younger.