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Oct 12, 2006 01:00 PM

Favorite Chocolate Shops in Paris?

Can anyone suggest the best chocolate shops in Paris. We will be staying in the 5th near the Cardinal Lemoine subway stop, so any suggestions in that area would be great too. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. These are in the 6th, near where you are:
      Patrick Roger, 108 Blvd St. Germain, my favorite of the new chocolatiers
      Pierre Marcolini, 89 r. de Seine, Belgium chocolatier yet the style is more French then Belgium
      Richard, 258 Blvd St. Germain, beautiful shop but I am not crazy about their chocolates
      Also near-by in the 6th are pasty shops (wonderful display)that have excellent chocolates:
      Gerald Mulot, 76 r. de Seine
      Pierre Herme, r. Bonaparte, between St. Sulpice and r. du Four
      A little further away in the 7e, on the way to the wonderful food section of the department store Bon Marche:
      La Maison du Chocolate, 19 r. de Sevre; one my favorites; not as bitter as some but better balanced
      There are couple of excellent ones further away in the 7e, a great shopping area of r. Cler/r. St. Dominque:
      Michel Chaudun, 149 r. de l'Universite, wonderful old style shop, excellent chocolate in the style of La Maison du Chocolate
      Jean P. Hevin, 16 Ave. de la Motte-Picquet
      Have fun.

      1. The Great Book of Chocolate, by David Lebovitz, has a whole chapter on chocolate shops in Paris. Very helpful. If your schedule permits, take his 4 hour chocolate tour of Paris while you are there (arranged through Context Travel). I went to places I might not have found on my own, learned a lot, and even got to meet one of the chocolatiers. Oh, and ate a lot of excellent chocolate.

        1. If Denise Acabo is still running A L'Etoile D'or
          in the 9th at 30 Rue Fontaine, just up the street
          from Moulin Rouge, you have to stop by just to see
          her. She is a character to say the least.

          Also she carries chocolate from all over France, and
          when I was there a few years ago, had some that you
          could not find elsewhere in Paris.

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            Denise Acabo is still there (as of September) and I agree, this is a fantastic if somewhat out of the way (unless you are going to the Moulin Rouge) store. Where all the other chocolate shops we visited--and there were a lot of them--were each like a temple to chocolate: hushed, spotless, each chocolate lovingly displayed (sometimes on its own pedastal-Pierre Marcolini, you know who you are) and tended to by finely groomed and gloved minions--A L'Etoile D'or is this insane jumble of wonderful things. She is the only one outside of Lyon to carry Bernachon chocolate bars. The one with candied orange peel, laid in strips throughout the bar, is spectacular. She also has the most incredible salted butter caramels. I picked up a box of candied lemon verbena leaves because I just couldn't resist.

          2. Definitely try Patrick Roger. My favorite from my last visit to Paris.