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Oct 12, 2006 11:10 AM

Trevor Kitchen & Bar

Trevor Kitchen & Bar has recently opened, anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Never heard of it, where is it?

    1. It's located at 38 Wellington Street East, near the flat iron building, where Bouchon used to be. I haven't been there for the official opening but since the chef de cuisine is my wife's cousin, we went to one of the pre-openings on the weekend.

      I haven't seen the official menu but I can comment on the various hors d'ouvres that were served. Among other things there was a mac n' cheese (asiago), braised beef cheek risotto, tuna tataki topped with wasabi on a round deep fried rice cake, mini kobe beef burgers, root vegetable tempura, and beef tartar tacos. The first three items listed were the standouts in my opinion (mmm... beef cheek jus) while the taco didn't work as well (flavour of the oil from the taco predominated). Very anxious to see a menu but haven't seen one yet.

      Decor is sleek and modern, pretty drastic change since the Bouchon days.

      Will try and report back when we get a chance to go for a complete meal.

      1. Absolutely loved it. It was new enough last Friday that we could sit anywhere we wished. Sat on the couches in the corner of bar. I ordered the steak tartare tacos and the mini burgers, while my date had the tuna tartare and the seafood pasta. We shared the cheese plate and a some wine from their small, but well chosen wine list.

        I will definitely be back.

        1. This is my new favourite for a drink downtown after work - so much more atmosphere than the usual downtown spots. The bar side is very cosy, lots of wood, exposed brick, candles, comfy couches. The restaurant side has a cooler, more minimalist feel. Not sure why there's such a stark separation between the two - I much prefer the bar. The nachos on the bar menu are heavenly - smothered in stewed beef cheek and chevre. I ate in the restaurat on Saturday and while the meal was excellent, it's the bar and the upscale comfort food on the bar menu that I've fallen in love with.

          1. I haven't been (yet), but the Chefdb pedigree reads like the Hound Hit List of Favourites.