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Trevor Kitchen & Bar

Trevor Kitchen & Bar has recently opened, anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Never heard of it, where is it?

    1. It's located at 38 Wellington Street East, near the flat iron building, where Bouchon used to be. I haven't been there for the official opening but since the chef de cuisine is my wife's cousin, we went to one of the pre-openings on the weekend.

      I haven't seen the official menu but I can comment on the various hors d'ouvres that were served. Among other things there was a mac n' cheese (asiago), braised beef cheek risotto, tuna tataki topped with wasabi on a round deep fried rice cake, mini kobe beef burgers, root vegetable tempura, and beef tartar tacos. The first three items listed were the standouts in my opinion (mmm... beef cheek jus) while the taco didn't work as well (flavour of the oil from the taco predominated). Very anxious to see a menu but haven't seen one yet.

      Decor is sleek and modern, pretty drastic change since the Bouchon days.

      Will try and report back when we get a chance to go for a complete meal.

      1. Absolutely loved it. It was new enough last Friday that we could sit anywhere we wished. Sat on the couches in the corner of bar. I ordered the steak tartare tacos and the mini burgers, while my date had the tuna tartare and the seafood pasta. We shared the cheese plate and a some wine from their small, but well chosen wine list.

        I will definitely be back.

        1. This is my new favourite for a drink downtown after work - so much more atmosphere than the usual downtown spots. The bar side is very cosy, lots of wood, exposed brick, candles, comfy couches. The restaurant side has a cooler, more minimalist feel. Not sure why there's such a stark separation between the two - I much prefer the bar. The nachos on the bar menu are heavenly - smothered in stewed beef cheek and chevre. I ate in the restaurat on Saturday and while the meal was excellent, it's the bar and the upscale comfort food on the bar menu that I've fallen in love with.

          1. I haven't been (yet), but the Chefdb pedigree reads like the Hound Hit List of Favourites.

            1. looks awesome! I can't wait to go.

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                  39 Wellington East. The front door is just past Pravda and Trevor is below street level.

                2. This is a great place, I went to the Opening Soon opening and have been twice since. Once took clients from out of town and the second time with a group of girlfriends. Great place, totally different feeling betweent the cozy loungy bar area and then the minimalist dining area. Or you can sit in between at the bottom of the stairs and feel like part of both worlds. Great place hope it's here to stay. The mini burgers are to die for!! Even if you are in the dining area, ask to try them, you will not regret it.

                  1. I haven't eaten a full meal at Trevors as yet, but read on this site where someone had and they raved about their meal. I heard some great things about the chef...one thing is that he has a flair for different tastes and textures of food on the plate.. both pleasing to the eye and palette...Seems as though it is really busy and becoming the "in" place to dine. Has anyone been there lately that can give an update?

                    1. What's the price range of the mains and apps?

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                      1. This restaruant is absolutely fabulous!

                        May I recommend the Asiago mac and cheese - it comes out piping hot, the kobe mini burgers are delicious and I had the tuna and it was out of this world!

                        Highly recommend this place.

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                          If you want to sit in the bar area, is it general packed? I would prefer to do tapas and drinks instead of sitting in the restaurant area

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                            I prefer the bar for tapas and drinks too. I've been a few times now and have had no problem finding a spot on the bar side in the early evening. It seems to fill up a bit more around 10ish.

                        2. Just had one of the most laughably embarressing evenings at Trevor. Yes, the food is great! Everything else should cause this place to roll itself up and implode within weeks! Extremely week service from A-Z. Where is the 2nd bartender?? Where is the Hostess? Where is the Manager?? Why are people who want to come in being sent away?? Where are the standards, smiles, charm, confidence?? For this price, I hope they offer take-out, because the food is actually very good! Hope they get their act together. As for the design, who paints a wall blue in a restaurant? And whats up with that nasty 1980's red brick subway tile floor left from the previous 4 restaurants in that space! At least paint it black! I'm no designer, but thats the first job I would have tackled.

                          1. Uh oh.

                            This is where we are going tonight.
                            And My other half does NOT take well to bad service.
                            This could be entertaining dining if nothing else.

                            1. I had to wait all day to post this & wanted to let you all know how GREAT this place is as soon as I was able.

                              The decor is fabulous. Now I agree the old floor doesn't help, but if you happen to be over budget & out of time that's a minor detail, when the food *and the service* speaks so superbly for itself. The two decor syles are a great use of the space- you get to appeal to diverse moods & people.

                              The server did everything correctly, being refreshingly knowledgeable about the food, even without queries. He did admit to some "troubles" this past weekend, but as with all birthings, growing pains are to be expected. (it's only their 4th week)

                              They have altered the menu somewhat -gone is the Berkshire pork, for example - but I think for the better.

                              First course was beef & bacon-y greens, a green candied walnut salad, and ahi tuna tartare- the beef cheeks were fabulous with the crusty bacon (again, new on the menu), and the tartar was quite a meal in itself- light yet crispy on the toungue.

                              Mains we ordered were the lamb sirloin with navy beans & bite sized chiorzo, lamb, venison with duck liver pate with dates and fluffy gnocci, and the best duck I've ever tasted.

                              We followed it with a sorbet & a "bananana split for 2"- mini roasted bananas with candied praline icecream and brownies.mmm

                              They also have a fine selection of teas- I had 100 mysteries, because I just had to know what 100 mysteries tastes like...and if you want to know, I suggest you find out for yourself !

                              Perhaps I don't get out enough, perhaps it was because it was a tuesday, but it has been a long time since I had such an enjoyable dinner out, and of course, it always helps to have charming dinner companions.

                              I certainly hope this place ~doesn't~ "roll itself up & implode" it's simply too good.


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                              1. re: EPIcureanTO

                                We did visit this place very recently ... .
                                everything was absolutely fabulous, service, food and attention to detail.
                                8 Diners. Each ordered a different meal and appetizer ... we all left very pleased with every selection ..

                              2. Trevor is one of the new additions to Summerlicious this year.... it'll be interesting to see what they do with it.

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                                  has anyone tried their summerlicious menu yet? a friend's parents went and said it was absolutely awful! we have a reservation friday but we can't go because of a family thing - i'm trying to decide whether to see if we can reschedule, or cancel altogether - would love to hear other people's opinions.

                                  1. re: smartygirl

                                    i tried their summerlicious menu last friday. i have a bit of mixed feelings.

                                    we had a reservation for 5:30 pm and it was just starting to get filled up so it was a good time to be there. the waiter kindly explained to us about their summerlicious menu and the types of ingredients they use (lots of local products).

                                    appetizer: i ordered scallop & pork belly to start, whereas my s.o. tried their cheddar risotto. they were both ok. i thought the cheddar risotto was a bit on a saltier side.

                                    main: i ordered crispy duck confit and the s.o. had their dry-aged steak. mine was quite good, whereas my s.o.'s steak came rare as opposed to medium that he asked for. it was completely red inside, although the outside was cooked nicely. overall it was a nice RARE steak, not a medium one though. the s.o. didn't mind and ate.

                                    i had creme brulee and s.o. had milk chocolate & caramel torte. it was good. their portions are pretty decent so neither of us were able to finish the desserts. we both ate about half.

                                    we told the waiter about my s.o.'s steak and they gave us an extra bottle of sparkling water for free... i think if you mess up with the steak, you should take care of your customer a bit better than that.

                                    otherwise, the food came out too quickly one after another, and i thought they could relax a bit. the point of summerlicious is to let people know more about your restaurant. if your service is rushed, likely, people won't enjoy as much. this is also the reason why we were too full to eat the dessert because we had no real breaks in between.

                                    anyway we did take a look at their regular menu and their lounge menu, and we both thought their lounge menu is worth coming back for.

                                    hope that helps.

                                    1. re: exquisite

                                      If you ate the steak without sending it back then to me the bottle of water is fine.. If you did not eat it then it should be taken off of the bill.

                                      One thing about dry aged beef if you over cook it even to medium it gets a distinct nutty flavour which may taste bad to some people. I know a chef who will not let anyone order his dry aged beef medium or above...

                                      1. re: OnDaGo

                                        Right I understand, but that does not justify the Rare he brought out. In that case though, we would have appreciated if he was knowledgeable enough to suggest medium rare or rare. We would have been happy to try.

                                        1. re: exquisite

                                          I agree, they definitally have to tell you when you order... was just trying to add some education ... but i stand by my comment if you eat it without sending it back then I feel the bottle of water is enought.. if you sent it back to be recooked then you should be compensated more for the wait...