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Oct 12, 2006 10:12 AM

Desperately seeking Italian Sausage

I am an American ex-pat and have several recipes that call for Italian sausage. Does anyone know where I can get some in the Warwick/Birmingham area? I have been looking online and can't seem to find anyone in the UK who sells it outside of London. :( I rang my local butcher who doesn't sell it.


If it is not available here, can someone tell me what a good substitute would be?

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  1. how about getting plain pork sausage and adding fennel seeds?
    or just coarse-grind minced pork that you'll add salt/pepper/fennel to, if you can't find sausages that don't have flour and whatever else is in Irish sausages that makes them so delicious...

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      Those are good ideas...any idea what spices are in Italian sausage besides the fennel, particularly for spicy sausage as opposed to sweet?

    2. you should probably google that, or post in the Home Cooking board.
      what I know as Italian sausage in the USA is a coarse grind fresh pork (the fat % would probably be important) with black pepper and fennel (sweet sausage) or chili flakes (hot sausage)

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        Thanks pitu. I have posted on the home cooking board and will google it to see what I get.

      2. I have bought sausage from TESCO that is not a bad substitute, but it is certainly not the real thing. They label it as a "Mediterranean" sausage.

        1. I have had this same problem! So far, the best suggestion I've seen is Valvona & Crolla. They're an Edinburgh-based Italian specialty shop (Edinburgh is great for Italian food). They ship all over the UK. Check out their website:

          I have to admit that I haven't yet tried their sausage, but I'm thinking it's what we're looking for.

          Good luck and post back your results, whatever you do!

          1. Try one of the two best Italian deli's in town

            I Camisa on Old Compton St in Soho


            Luigi Terroni & Sons on The Clerkenwell Rd ( near Farringdon tube )

            either should be able to help and both are worth a visit anyway

            hope this helps