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Oct 12, 2006 07:21 AM

cheap group dinner! byob? help!

my girlfriends and i have a bunch of male friends coming into the city to visit. we will have about 10 people total, and want to organize a big cheap fun group dinner, hopefully byob but not necesary if drinks are cheap.... anywhere in manhattan midtown and south...

suggestions? thanks!!

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  1. Tortilla Flats in the West Village is a lot of booze-soaked fun. Average food.

    1. Haha, I'm constantly searching for places like these. If you check New York metro, I think they had a list of BYO places ( Cheap booze places that come to mind are Maryann's for Mexican (BE CAREFUL with the margaritas), Highline for Thai, Sigiri (Sri Lankan, got a few good reviews on this board, I think it's still BYO), Panna II is dirt cheap, BYO, and "festive" to say the least. Maryann's isn't the best food, but it's serviceable - maybe more valuable for the boozin'.

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      1. re: janethepain

        when you say be careful-- because the are strong? or bad?
        hopefully strong....

        1. re: HKluva

          I mean strong... let's just say I barely remember walking out. And I should have learned, it was the second time I've had them.

      2. I've had many good experiences at Isle on Bleecker betw 6th and 7th aves (near Jones st). It's very good, standard Thai food (curries, noodles and entrees), and the prices on both the food and drink are good. They take credit cards and the service is fine. They serve beer, wine, sake, sangria and specials like lychee martinis, all in the $4-9 range. Don't be afraid to call you waiter over if you need anything. They're very nice but get distracted.

        1. Do you like Chinese? Congee Village is delicious and most drinks are $4!

          1. Saigon Grill (of UES and UWS fame) has a new location near Union Square. It might be a good bet with standard Vietnamese food (lots of options), generous space for big groups, nicely done interiors, and very approachable pricing (entrees well under $15). There is also a classy bar area where you can just meet up and have appetizers if you don't want to actually committ to dinner.