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Oct 12, 2006 05:19 AM

Sahara - New Turkish on Larkin in SF

Last week I stopped at Turtle Tower for a delicious bowl of pho bo dac good as ever. Afterwards, I poked my head into the kebab stand on the same block of Polk Street. Despite the name Sahara, it specializes in Turkish style cooking. Opened the week before, one brother does the cooking and the other handles the business end and the register. The brother clad in chef whites used to work at A La Turca, previously owned Cafe Pera on Clement, and was a partner in Ararat. I asked him if he'd make manti for me, and after he explained that it's a complicated process, he said he'd consider it in a few weeks when he has more confidence and time to add more dishes to the menu. Worth noting is the beyti kebab, which I haven't seen except at New Kapadokia in Redwood City. I watched a couple orders of these go by and I know what I'm going to try here. I bought an order of pistachio baklava to take home and they were good enough. Sahara has a beer and wine license, and I noticed a wine rack in the back. It also delivers in the City.

Website won't be up until next month.

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  1. Troya ( on Clement St. has Beyti as well, although I haven't tried theirs. I'm glad to see more Turkish places popping up; it's a fun cuisine. If only some would start serving Raki - I'd love to have a proper meyhane in the city!


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      The beyti at Troya is decent enough, but I far prefer New Kapadokia's version.

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        Troya had Manti. I haven't ordered it yet...I always get sidetracked by something else. I like New Kapadokia's version too.

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          I like the tiny sized manti made at New Kapadokia. Let us know if you try the version at Troya.

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          Thanks, Adam. Haven't been to Troya yet, used to be Cafe Pera. At one time I made the rounds of every Turkish place in the City, but I've fallen behind. Will have to return to that beat.

        3. >on the same block of Polk Street<

          I believe you meant Larkin...

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            Thank you, yes, on Larkin. I asked the mods to change the title.

          2. Just checked the website,
            and the place has rebranded itself more solidly Turkish as

            Adana Kebab Restaurant
            637 Larkin St.
            San Francisco
            free delivery

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              Love their website ;-) When I "klick here" to open the menu, it brings up a lunch and take-out menu. Are they open for dinner? I am also excited to see that they deliver and hope that's citywide, not just in their neighborhood.

              1. re: Anya L

                The night I stopped there was after having an early dinner at Turtle Tower, so maybe 7/7:30pm or so.