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Oct 12, 2006 05:01 AM

Welcome to Williamsburg- All the Info you Dare to Share

Having recently settled in the lovely land of the L, I am oh so eager to learn the culinary and snack-tastic ins and outs of my new neighborhood.

Please help me out and offer your thoughts on all things edible in Williamsburg, especially those spots a few stops in on the L, as I figure bedford can't be the only place to experience delicious eats...

From pizza to pancakes, the best burgers to the best beignets, inexpensive to indulgent, sushi to samosas, date places, comfort food stops, markets, taco stands, "healthy options", indian buffets, or where to find the most well prepared pommes frites, I am looking for anything and everything that makes your mouth happy around here.

I know that I will need to do some discovering of my own but if you can help me start a cheat sheet of sorts i promise I'll do my best to try it all.

So many thanks in advance,
a hungry and helpless hound

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  1. Diner and Marlow on Broadway, great food and drink. One is a pricey/upscale diner, and the other, a raw bar/upscale grocery/blackboard style restaurant in the back. The Indian place on N.5th St, just off Bedford is reliable and cheap. Baci Arabiacci on Grand St. (btw Bedford and Driggs) is wonderful. Cash only, Atm on premises, and an incredible garden, and may be the only place in Billyburg aside from Dressler that the servers don't outwardly loathe you. Great food there! Not to be missed pasta. Sal's on Lorimer off Metropolitan is a reliable slice of Pizza, best when they are at their busiest (11-1 and 5-8). Carmines on Graham Ave, also off Metropolitan is good reliable slice. S. Cono and Son's on Graham is the best old school red sauce joint in the Burg. Have had so-so food exp. at Aurora also on Grand St. We are lucky to have a really fantastic Tappas joint here Zippe Zappe, the sisters who own and serve are wonderful, and the food is on point. Fornino makes great, artisinal wood oven Pizzas. The Manilla clam pizza is a thing to behold. Dressler, is, well Dressler. We have not had a bad meal there, in the 5x we have been, it is $$$. Dumont, both Burger and proper have great food for the most part. Burgers are the house specialty, but at the Dumont proper, Mac and Cheese, fish specials are always safe bets. Meat and Cheese and high-end Beer at Sputen Duyvil on Metropolitan and Havermeyer. Check out the Williamsburg restaurant guide too for exact locations, and some really stupid, unmoderated reviews! Chow down!

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      I'd add Dumont to the list of restaurants where customer-loathing is minimal. I'm almost a little put off by how nice the staff is at Dumont. IMO, their brunch and dinner are some of the best in Williamsburg.

      Chimu is tasty and the portions are enormous.

      Fanny (on Graham) is a cozy little spot. I like their charcuterie plate.

      Brunch at Lodge is pretty good, but the loathing factor is there.

      Matamoros Puebla is terrific for fast, cheap Mexican, and is 50 feet from the Bedford L inside a bodega. Try the sopes!

    2. thanks noodles, that was really helpful...
      I've had some good experiences at the places you mentioned... liked Marlow, love dumont's mac and cheese and their chickpea buger/overgrown falafel, thought the pizza at Sal's was pretty decent but difficult to order and have had some terrific French Toast at Aurora for brunch though their service is fairly flakey. I'm looking forward to indulging in Dressler when I have the dollars. I'm also aiming to try the following on yours and others suggestion:
      Pies and Thighs
      Zippe Zappe
      Hope and Union (is that closed now?)
      Chimu (sp)

      my quest for a decent cupcake and really chocolately brownie is a source for significant disappointment by the way so feel free to advise on that.
      Thanks again.

      1. Cupcake: have you tried the bakery on Metropolitan Avenue next to Siam Orchard? I think it's near Havemeyer. I haven't tried one, because I'm not a fan of buttercream, but the cookies are excellent and that's a good sign.

        1. pies and thighs - i didn't like their pulled pork sandwich. it was overly vinegary and spicy that i couldn't taste the pork at all. the fried chicken, on the other hand, is quite delicious.

          zipe zape - i really liked this place. it was a while ago i went, but i have good memories of it.

          hope and union - it's closed! one of my favorite go to restaurants is now replaced by this tex mex joint called santa fe. why would they open an overpriced mexican restaurant when there are so many other (and more authentic) places around?

          chimu - their ceviches are awesome.

          others: enid's for brunch, uncle mina's for everything (lamb, chicken, falafel, all are delicious and cheap), moto on broadway

          1. Good take away places are:

            Matamoros Puebla Grocery- sopes, quesadillas, tacos, burritos

            Old Poland Foods- stuffed cabbage, pork ribs, soups, and amazing bigos (called hunter's stew in English), and nice selection of fresh made breads

            Cono O'Pescatore- great Italian heros

            M Shanghai Bistro- the only place remotely passable for Chinese food in the area, decent quality, but small portions