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Oct 12, 2006 04:29 AM

Any good breakfasts near Washington sq. park (Greenwich village)?

We'll be staying in Greenwich Village near Washington Square park this weekend, and we need to find a good place to go for breakfast. A bakery with good coffee and morning pastries would be perfect, but all suggestions are welcome, as long as it's a place where we can sit down (so no carry out please).


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  1. you MUST MUST go to Patisserie Claude (187 W 4th). Have a croissant, have a brioche, or perhaps a quiche. But what ever you have, I promise you it'll be pure bliss. I'd live in that patisserie if it were possible!
    My patisserie claude marathon:

    1. Woman is absolutely right. Claude's is it. He used to be a mean bugger if you were a guy but he's become sof and/or senile in his old age, so he'll wave and possibly give you a grumpy french smile. Pain au chocolat is the way to go.

      1. Patisserie Claude is great. I also love Rocco's.

        1. Grey Dog's Coffee has good breakfast offerings and great lunch as well.

          1. 'Ino for truffled eggs, Ditch Plains for create your own eggs benedict, Bing Lady Roll & Dough if you're insane like me (bings are technically pastries), I like Provence for a brandade brunch, and Balthazar is worth the walk. And of course, Claude's pain au chocolat.