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Oct 12, 2006 04:11 AM

Before event at the wang

going to the wang saturday night - concert is at 8pm - JT - want to go for snacks and good wine, someplace kind of upscale not pubish....suggestions?

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  1. I like Teatro on Tremont Street. They have a great (huge) antipasto plate. Some folks think it's a bit loud in there but I really don't mind it. Nice wine selection. I've always had good service as well.

    1. Ditto that antipasto plate at Teatra, and I'd also suggest Via Matta. A nice bottle of wine (or by the glass) and some appetizers. And get the contorni of fried mushrooms - wow! They have two sizeable bar areas where you *may* be able to make a reservation.

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        Triple that antipasto plate (hmm "triple" ? is that correct?) Ah...Third. Third that antipasto plate. Brain isn't working so well today. Anyway, I agree on Teatro and that antipasto plate. Really great. Grab a plate of one of their delicous pastas, another app and a pizza, a few glasses of wine, life is good. Just try and get there early though, say 6ish, because it can get busy, esp before a show.

      2. The pizza at Teatro is also very good. Sit at the bar.

        1. The Wang is around the block from Chinatown, with dozens of possibilities. Search Chinatown for some suggestions.

          1. Jer-ne in the new Ritz is a very nice bar; not sure about the food.

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     the same building has a nice bar..not sure about the food.

              Snacks, wine, Wang and upscale..

              my top pick would be the bar at Troquet. Great food, full menu or bar menu and 1 of the best and fairly priced wine lists in the area..just a block from the Wang. Relaxed, upscale environment

              I like Teatro but it can be very loud and seats available at bar at 7 PM on Wed. Bar was like being in a crowded MBTA car..:)