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Oct 12, 2006 03:43 AM

Best lunch in Vegas

My boss and her husband will be in Vegas later this month. They want the best food in Vegas - no need to worry about the cost. They are booked to eat at Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon at the Mansion for their dinners. I had made reservations for lunch at Bartolotta, but they have stopped serving lunch and cancelled the reservation! I have seen quite a bit of talk about Mon Ami Gabi and Commanders Palace for lunch, but would appreciate comments regarding which has the best food. Or perhaps there is somewhere else that might be more appropriate for them. They want really top quality food.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Delmonico

    Mesa grill


    BOA steakhouse

    All more casual than Robuchon and Savoy but great food.

    1. Forget the foo-foo places and get real.

      In 'n Out Burgers.

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        They aren't talking about a lowbrow burger. And In'n Out isn't even all that. We were highly disappointed given all the raves it gets. If they wanted a chain, they would have posted on that board.

        I'd second Mesa and Delmonico. And you definately can't go wrong with Commander's for lunch or dinner. I've had great meals at all three but if you're looking for more of a business atmosphere, Delmonico might be more suited than the other two.

      2. Delmonico is going to be the most formal lunch spot that I can think of. Mesa Grill and Commander's Palace are also great for lunch.

        1. It depends on the day of the week. Bouchon serves very good food, but is open for lunch only on weekends.

          1. Rosemary's for lunch...we love this place. We did not have a great meal at Mesa Grill...extremely disappointed in the service and food...maybe they have improved since then. Mon Ami..never knew or understood the hype...good fun but nothing to write home. Bouchon...excellent.