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Oct 12, 2006 03:38 AM

Good Kugels in Brooklyn, for a Kiddush

I need to pick up a couple of kinds of kugel in Brooklyn, for a kiddush. Can anyone suggest where I can get the yummiest take-home kugels in Flatbush, or Boro Park - sweet or savory? They may have to be served at room temperature.

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    1. Thanks! Any specific types of kugels that you would recommend from there?
      Does anyone else have any suggestions?

      1. I always liked the ones from Meal Mart. The tall ones from large tins, not the small consumer ones prepackaged and wrapped in plastic. Whenever I go there (they do not have one in the 5 towns) I usally buy a slice of the noodle kuggel and eat it in the car - cold.

        1. Gourmet on J has so many different sweet and non sweet kugels to choose from. My favorite is a parve cream cheese kugel. It's quite rich and tastes dairy. They have many kugels already in tins, ones that you can purchase by the pound from large ones and even potato kugel in individual tins. Let me know what you think if you try it.

          1. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
            I wasn't able to check out the kugels at Landau's, and the Meal Mart on Avenue M, only had the smaller kugels in the tins (and the tops looked very burnt).
            I was already familiar with the pareve cream cheese kugel from
            Gourmet on J, and had already planned on it, as one of my choices. I ended up getting that, and their apple noodle kugel. I didn't get their regular sweet noodle kugel, because I've always found it sickly sweet (and I like sweet). I had never had their apple noodle kugel, so decided to give it a try. I didn't get any vegetable or potato kugel, because I didn't think these would be great at room temperature, and there was plenty of other food at the kiddush.
            The verdict: The pareve cream cheese kugel was delicious, and a big hit.
            The apple noodle was unfortunately as sickly sweet as their regular sweet kugel, and didn't go over very well.
            Just to be fair, I must say that Gourmet on J has lots of very good and tasty take-out foods.
            Next year, maybe I'll make my own. I was just too tired of all the other Yom Tov cooking, and neede a break.