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Oct 12, 2006 03:23 AM

how long do i cook my pork shoulder?

i can't remember how big it is. is there a per pound rule? what temp? btw i'm roasting it.

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  1. I always roast it at 325 uncovered for an hour per pound. The meat is tender and juicy and the outside has some wonderful crispiness called bark

    1. pork shoulder is the most forgiving cut of meat I've ever cooked. The only real thing to keep in mind is to not undercook it. If you do, it will be tough.

      not sure what application you are going for, but if you are smoking it, take it to 195 degrees. will take a while, depending on how hot your smoker is.

      if you are oven roasting it, do you want it to fall apart or be slice-able but still tender? If you want it to fall apart, again, 190-195 is when it is very tender and basically falls apart. If you want it to hold together so you can slice it, go to 180-185.

      1. I roast these in the oven all the time and we want fall-apart, shredded. For this, it is exactly 1 hour per pound @ 325 degrees. This method also gives you the greatest outside skin (it's called bark in the south) and it is to die for!

        1. I agree with adamclyde. You can cook pork shoulder at a wide range of temperatures and get great results. I don't know about formulas. I think the shape of the roast and the characteristics are as important as temperature. You need to test with a fork to see if it flakes nicely. If I have time I like to start at 250 for 2-3 hours, and when it has the right texture, bring it to 450 for 15 min to get some crust (bark).

          I wouldn't go over 325. Whatever temp you use, main thing is to test it rather than rely on a formula.

          1. My wife and I are fond of pulled pork sandwiches and use pork shoulder for that purpose. The raw product usually weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.

            Before we had our kitchen remodeled 2 years ago, we had a 40-year-old oven which no longer had a functional timer. I developed the following roasting technique to suit our situation. The washed pork shoulder was placed on a rake in an old-fashioned blue enamel roasting pan and covered. The oven was set at 275 degrees, and turned on at 11 p.m. Roasting over night, the meat was removed from the oven at about 7 a.m. and it was falling-off-the-bone. After allowing the meat to cool for a while, it was shredded and bathed in simmering homemade BBQ sauce.

            Why did we use this method? There is no way we wanted to be trapped in the house for 8 hours while a hot appliance was on for fear that if we did not get home in time after going out, there would some kind of disaster. Now that we have up-to-date ovens (yes, 2), we still do it the same way.

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              Chili dude- I do the same thing and it come out amazing.Sometimes it is ready before 8 hours though. Even covered and at a low temp there is a great crust. although before roasting I marinate 8-12 hours in goya or homemade Mojo (garlic,onions, pepper, lime, sour oranage, cumin)and then before going in the oven sprinkle with adobo seasoning, or as the Cuban cooks in Fl tipped me of a packet or 2 of Sazon con Cilantro seasoning (available in Latin markets or groceries that cater to Hispanic folks)