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Oct 12, 2006 02:47 AM

a simple but good place near Bastille

From a colleague who wants to take a friend to dinner around the Bastille... 11e or 12e arrondissement, but perhaps somewhat close to the place.

"Where should I take my dear friend xx to supper--some ethnic joint or bistro that doesn't have *** or ** or * but is good to chat in on a monday or tuesday evening? She lives in arrondissement xii near Place de la Bastille."

I rarely ate around there, so I don't know many places... ideas?

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  1. The Marais has many great cafes and informal places but not too many excellent bistros.
    Le Dome du Marais
    53 b. Francs-Bourgois 4e beautiful dining room with good food but not as good as those below.
    The following are near the Marais, all have very good food at moderate prices. Some are closed on Mondays.
    Le Repaire de Cartouche
    8 Blvd Filles du Calvaire 11e
    Le Villaret
    19 r Tenaux 11e
    44 r Jean-Pierre Timbaud 11e
    Au C'Amelot
    50 r Amelot 11e, set menu with only a choice among two main plat
    Au Bascou
    38 r. Reamur 3e

    1. Try le Bistrot du Dôme
      2, rue de la Bastille
      75004 PARIS

      It's an off-shoot of the Dôme in Montparnasse. Fish-only menu in a cheery setting. It's on the same block as Bofinger, very near the Bastille. Prices are reasonable.

      There's another Bistrot du Dôme, at 1, rue Delambre, 75014 Paris, in Montparnasse, just across the street from the main Dôme.

      1. A personal favorite -

        A la Biche Au Bois - 45 Ave Ledru Rollin, comfortable, homey, welcoming and delicious food. i got tipped off to this place on chowhound a few years ago. it's great.

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          Had lunch there on our last trip 4 years ago and loved it. We were too full for dinner that night, but it is the real thing. Plan to go agin on our trip this month. Not cheap, but not expensive and good value.

        2. i know you mentioned bistros, but thought i'd throw this in just in case:

          Cafe de l'industrie (16-17 rue St-Sabin, 11e)
          --love the atmosphere. i know people that live in the area who like to go there for a bite and to chat. i've personally not eaten there, but have gone for coffee or drinks.

          have also heard great things about "A la biche au bois"

          1. Biche au Bois is definitely a favorite. (Game in season, venison and wild boar)
            Repaire de cartouche, fantastic bistro walking distance, more or less, north of the place de la Bastille
            Astier: you won't want to walk it, but really, really good. I'll be there next Friday!
            Cafe de l'industrie i usually would only eat in for lunch, but the food is not entirely bad.
            Bistro du Peintre is a personal favorite, near the rue Keller.
            It's a cafe, with some great food, with a changing menu, in an art nouveau space--it's just really good (but not at level of a true bistro).