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Oct 12, 2006 02:45 AM

Looking for good Italian in Nassau county

I am taking some friends out for a Sat. night birthday celebration. My guest is a big Italian food fan want to take him to some place he may not have been to before. I live in New Jersey, but used to live in Hewlett,N.Y. for many years. I know my Chowhound buddies will help with this. Price is not a big thing, a moderate budget of 20-25 per entre is fine. Thnaks

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  1. If you are going to be on the North Shore, western end, you should consider Il Mulino in Roslyn, Stressa in Manhassett or Piccolo Liguria in Port Washington.

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        That is a really unfair statement about the food. One can certainly complain about the prices,particularly the specials, and getting a reservation at a prime time can be difficult, but the food is excellent. The risotto with langostines is awesome and most of the pastas as terrific, particularly the alfredo. The little bites they serve with the bread are wonderful. Vincent's is no better then the one in Little Italy and La Parma is a suburban version of Carmine's.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          hello, sorry il mulino imho food is mediocre, i dont care about prices, bad food is bad food, been there twice, wont go back, in addition the stafrf doesnt know what the hell theyre serving

          1. re: intrepid

            If you have been there two times and have that opinion I don't blame you for not returning, two much good chow out there to go someplace that just doesn't do it for you. Is there any Italian place you would sugest to the O.P.?

    1. I you would like to stay a bit closer to Hewlett you can go to Old Country road(by the roosevelt field and source malls) and there are a few options. Try Vincent's Clam Bar... it's an Italian seafood restaurant in your price range and the food is delicious(nice martini selection as well). If you're looking for something different, further down Old Country rd. towards westbury is Cafe Baci...Two of my favorites for Italian food around the area...Vincent's may be a better choice if you're a bigger crowd, Cafe Baci gives off more of a romantic feel.

      1. In the past I've enjoyed La Parma on Willis Ave ,Williston Park I would go once or even twice a month as well as to Vincent's

        1. La Viola in Cederhurst is family style and very good. In the same price range is Mother Kellys (right next door).

          1. Cafe Baci-expect a very long wait and very, very noisy. I wouldn't call that place romantic at all. Nothing special about Vincents-also very crowded and noisy. La Viola has more of an atmosphere and better food in my opinion. We also used to like Mother Kelly's but on the last visit we were very disappointed-The food was not just what it used to be and my fish dish was miniscule. I should of complained but we were with other people. We also enjoy LaNovella on East Meadow Ave in East Meadow.