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Oct 12, 2006 02:04 AM

fruit flies!

is there anything i can do about the dozens of tiny flies in my kitchen? i have some food out on the counter, like potatoes, garlic, onions, lemons, magoes, and i like to have them there but the flies are grossing me out.

i saw a plant the other day that supposedly eats flies. it's kind of ugly but if it works i would get it. thanks!

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  1. We have off-and-on fruit flies. Whenever I leave a glass with a bit of wine on the counter overnight it's loaded with [drowned] flies in the morning. I've never done it intentionally to catch fruit flies, but I don't see why it shouldn't work.

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      I do the wine thing too, but I add an apple core in it and some dish soap so when the flies land on the wine the soap breaks the water tension and makes them drown.

      apple cider vinegar seems to work the best for me though. put that in a glass with some dish soap and set it out and then the next day you can see all the flies that have drowned in your little trap. Its fun and gross all at the same time.

      ps: now that its getting colder all my fruit flies are gone. That's the only good thing about cold weather

    2. I have an actual recipe somewhere that works wonders and would got rid of them in our last apartment. It basically involved water, T. or two sugar, t. vinegar and a drop or two of dish soap. Would kill them all within a day or two. I suppose you could just use the wine with a drop or two of the dish soap, but cheaper to do it my way. Good luck!

      I'll repost if i can find the recipe.

      1. thanks for the help, guys. i tried the wine thing last night and they did flock to the bowl, but they mostly just sat on the edge, so only a few drowned. would it be crazy to get a sticky mouse trap and put something sweet on that? perhaps i'll just have to wait for it to get colder...

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          I use a little pyrex custard cup put about a 1/2 tsp dish soap in the bottom, 1 TBS or so of either cider vinegar or red wine, and then nearly top it off with H2O, leaving maybe 1/4 inch to the lip... I had an infestation around a turning squash last weekend and this caught 30-40 of the little X@##%@s within 1/2 hour.

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            seriously, try the sugar, vinegar, water, soap mix.....they will go in and the soap kills them.

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              I do the wine/vinegar trick, but put saran wrap over the top of the glass with pen-sized holes punched into it. They're sort of stupid and can't figure how to get back out, they hang out upside down until they get exhausted and fall in. That, and a fly swatter first thing in the morning when the sun comes up, that seems to be their most active time. Oh and if it gets real bad, I pour some bleach down the kitchen drain, don't know if it's true but I've heard that they lay their eggs in there.

            2. I used to bartend at a place with huge open windows. We'd put out shot glasses of sweet vermouth, triple sec, or another sweet, but sticky liquor. Those always worked really well for us.

              1. I used to manage a kitchen and the city health inspector taught us all kinds of tricks. Clean your ceiling. No lie, that's where the nests and eggs are. They are barely visible black splotches. They're easy to miss, so I had one of my workers scrub the whole thing whenever there was an outbreak. It always worked.

                Any sort of traps or poisons are treating the symptoms, not the cause. Fruit flies reproduce so rapidly that you can kill scores of them but if you don't wipe out the eggs there will be hundreds more.

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                  They also like to take up residence in your sink's P-trap. A little bleach down the sink every now and then can control an outbreak (assuming that you don't have fruit sitting around).