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Oct 12, 2006 02:03 AM

40th bday party site suggestions-St. Louis

I'll be turning 40 in December and am planning a dinner for about 14 people. One of my dear friends uses a wheelchair and I am having a hard time finding a party room that is wheelchair accessible. I am also having a hard time believing that I could be 40, but that is another story.

Does anyone have any suggestions for accessible restaurants with party rooms? I'm looking for something nice, along the lines of Terrene or 1111.

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  1. How many people does the wine room at 1111 hold? It should be accessible because it is on the same level as the entrance.

    I have not paid attention to accessibility, but I always thought the upstairs room at the Lynch Street Bistro would be good for an event.

    And the Lucas Park Grill has a nice back room, larger than what you need...

    1. Lynch Street Bistro is now closed.

      1. The Stan Musial Room and the Wine Vault at Mike Shannon's are interesting and unique.

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          A couple weeks ago, I went to a friend's 40th b/day dinner for about 20 guests, which was held in the private party room, aka the VIP Room, at Mosaic. The room, which is a very nice room with interesting art, is on the entry-level of the restaurant; so, if the main room is accessible, so is this room [there are a few steps up to enter the restaurant, and I don't recall whether there's a ramp]. Mosaic did a great job with the food. During the extensive cocktail portion of the evening, there were 3 appetizers passed around by the servers: an Asian pulled pork, a seared Ahi in a pastry cup and [if memory serves] a bruschetta. Then, upon seating, we had a choice of a squash bisque or a salad. Then, keeping with Mosaic's small plates theme, each diner received, in this order, an herb gnocchi, sea bass and, finally, beef tenderloin. Finally, a trio of cremes brulee and bread pudding for dessert. [Given the passage of time and the amount of wine involved, the foregoing menu items may be slightly inaccurate and may reflect unrelated dinners that have meshed in my mind - but I think it's mostly correct.] I believe the restaurant negotiated an arrangement whereby the host was able to supply the many cases of wine consumed [on the premises and on the tour bus to and from]. I've eaten at Mosaic many times and generally like it, but I was actually surprised by how well they handled this private function and have recommended to my partners that we have our firm's annual dinner in the VIP Room. This may be too late for your December party, but, if not, it's worth considering.

        2. Lorenzo's Trattoria on the Hill has a nice private room on the main floor level.

          1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I ended up going with Harvest!