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Oct 12, 2006 01:56 AM

Tritan wine glasses?

Anybody tried these? Are they really much sturdier and less prone to clouding from automatic dishwashers?

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  1. No experience with them, but eagerly awaiting feedback. They were mentioned in this month's K&L Wines newsletter, at $8.99 each for the "Forte" line (must purchase case of 6).

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    1. re: SanJoseHound

      Yes - they are every bit as good as you may have read. Virtually unbreakable - we clanged two together forcefully to test that claim. They come out of the dishwasher in great shape. I bought two for a trial and after we used them for a while, we quickly bought about 6 more.

      We still use our Riedel glasses as part of the glass service for very nice dinners, but the Tritan is our default for during the week and less fancy events.

      We have had the Tritans for more than 1 year. I think ours are similar to, but not exactly the same as, the Tritan DIVA Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux series currently offered on the Wine Enthusiast site.

    2. They may be dishwasher safe, but almost of them are too tall to fit in our dishwasher! Kind of defeats the purpose.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        That's unfortunate. They fit really well in ours on the bottom rack at the back.

        1. re: kstroble

          After a dinner party the bottom rack's full of plates!

          The "Tritan Mondial All Purpose White Wine Glass" is only 7.3", I ordered a dozen ($8 a stem, $105 total with shiping) from:

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I can't promise you that this is true, but we have been told by a couple of different disherwasher sales and repair people that we should NEVER use the lemon variety of dishwasher powder. They have said that the lemon is derived from a waxy substance that eventually causes problems with the dishwasher. So we generally use the most generic version of Cascade powder that we can buy. Whether that helps account for the lack of streaks and stains is another question entirely, which I can't answer. But I know we do not have streaking and staining problems.

            1. re: kstroble

              i've been told the same thing about avoiding lemon dishwasher detergents by people who should know.

            2. re: Robert Lauriston

              After a dinner party, we generally have to do at least three dishwasher loads! One of those is mostly glassware. But it sure beats handwashing 15 or 20 Reidel glasses. We generally give each guest three wine glasses - one Reidel, one Tritan and one Silver Oak(which is not nearly as nice a glass, but is also dishwasher safe). Then they can decide which wine should be tasted in which glass. During the week, we are all Tritan, all the time.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Robert, how have your Tritan glasses been working out?

          2. We are exclusively using Schott Zweisel titanium crystal... unbreakeable, completely dishwasher safe... they aren't easy to find... we had to buy them from a Brittish website... spent about $700 on 12 sets of Bordeux, Burgundy & Water Glasses / Goblets (36 pieces all together).... not cheap relative to Riedel's but a lot cheapter, healthier & more attractive than classic leaded crystal.


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            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              The Zweisel Tritan lines have been getting a lot of press lately, and are much more available. Amazon has them, and Crystal Classics ( has an extensive selection. Speaking of selection, we have some of the Tritan "Selection" series on the way at $11 each.

              Now: how is "Tritan" pronounced?

              1. re: Steve K

                Holy Defecation! I guess it never pays to be an early adopter. Oh well... it was better than buying that leaded crystal crap from Macy's etc.,

                1. re: Eat_Nopal

                  Well, it depends. Some of the Tritan series are much more expensive. Check the Crystal Classics website to see how much it cost you to be said early adopter. And how many glasses didn't you break in the meantime? ;)

                2. re: Steve K

                  I bought my Zweisel Tritan's from IWA, which is owned by Dean and Deluca. A set of 6 of the goes for $60. I bought the whole series. I love them. I can't have fancy stemware because all my friends including myself are big klutzes. I don't put them in the dishwasher though. I like washing all my glasses by hand.


              2. The Herbfarm, a famous Seattle area restaurant uses Titanium in their restaurant. When we ate there I found the glasses very thin rimmed and lovely. We were served a 9-course meal with 6 different wines, each in a different glass and every wine glass was wonderful. I'm not sure of the european company that supplies The Herbfarm but they do sell them at relatively good prices through The Herbfarm website:


                1. We've had six of the Forte since April, and have already managed to break one by dropping it on a padded vinyl floor. I was disappointed, but they are beautiful, and certainly sturdier than the average crystal.