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Oct 12, 2006 01:31 AM

Help with Brussel Sprouts on a Stalk

At a produce stand last Saturday, I bought a large stalk of brussel sprouts. I haven't had time to prepare them due to travel and work (yes I know it's very quick to roast them in the oven) but really, work has been killer. I won't have much time to cook tonight, and even so it's way too many sprouts for hubby & I to finish (about 6-8 servings of sprouts on one stalk). Then tomorrow we're gone again until next Tuesday (1.5 weeks after I bought the stalk). Will the sprouts last unrefrigerated? How about refrigerated (I might be able to clear space in the fridge). If they won't last until next Tuesday, should I stay up late to roast them all then store leftovers in the freezer?

It's not the roasting that takes time, it's the cleaning, trimming, etc. that makes me lazy about doing it all tonight. What to do?

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  1. I'd guess that they'd be OK - I've found that the hardier veggies from my CSA are fine well after a week from pickup. It's a hardy veg that likes the cold, so it should be fine in the fridge.

    They are so tempting when sold like that - they look like they're from another planet!

    1. Could you cut them off the stalk, prep, and (gasp) freeze them? Then you'll be ready to go next time you want some sprouts on the double. I've got a couple alien-looking stalks growing in the garden now; first-time effort, and they've done better as beetle condos than anything else. Since they're supposed to be harvested at the first frost, the icebox might not be a bad option. I'll never eat them all at once, anyway.

      As per recipes, I've very much enjoyed brussels with a lemon-butter glaze:

      1. I hope you didn't pay for them by the pound......

        oh and by the way, a week unrefrigerated sounds perfectly fine to me.

        1. Depends on what you mean by "last"...they certainly will still look okay if you refrigerate them and keep better and stay tigher on the stalk. However, I don't care for the strong taste of brussel sprouts that are more than two days out of the field. You lose all that fresh sweetness of sprouts picked on the stalk.

          1. Yank them off the stalk, don't bother with prep and blanch them in lightly salted water- refrigerate. When you return you can trim up, season & roast or whatever. The grotty outside leaves won't hurt anything. That way you preserve some of that sweetness instead of letting it leach out and dry out.