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Oct 12, 2006 01:11 AM

Any New York restaurants serving Sephardic Jewish food?

I really would like to try some Sephardic Jewish dishes reading the article in today's NYT Food section. Are there any New York restaurants that serve this kind of cuisine--maybe Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, and/or general Middle Eastern eateries? Thanks!

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  1. Are you talking about food the food mentioned in NY Times Dining section? There really aren't any. Mabat in Brooklyn is a kosher meat place that has some food mentioned.

    1. You should probably post your Q on the Kosher Board. Some of the Shwarma joints like Alibaba on UWS, which I believe is Yemenite influenced, serve food in the style depicted in the article. There is a Kosher Moroccan Middle Eastern on UWS on Colombus in the 80's that probably serves that style too.
      I was reading the article while eating my lame salad for lunch and I too started jonesing. I'm going to make that veal stew this weekend!!

      1. Darna (89th and Columbus) is probably the closest you will get. It's Moroccan, which is definitely different from the Iraqi/Syrian/etc flavors. It won't be as mouthwatering as real Sephardic home cooking:-)

        Chag Sameach!

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          Thanks to Abu Applesauce and PetiteSyrah for the Darna suggestion--I also found Galil (also Kosher Moroccan) on Lex btw 84th and 85th. It seems to have a good lunch deal (both places seem a bit pricey at dinnertime!), so I will definitely try it and report back.