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Oct 12, 2006 01:08 AM

The Gyro at Connal's - Pasadena

OK, I've got a confession.

Lately, I've become hooked on the gyro served at Sandwiches by Connal in Pasadena (on Washington, just east of Hill).

This place rightfully earns kudos on this board for its "frings" (french fries & onion rings combo, though the rings are the real stars) and for its selection of milkshakes (the pineapple-banana is my current favorite).

I've tried various sandwich offerings over the last couple of years, including their grinder (not bad, but not awe-inspiring and not as good as Lee's Hoagie House, also in Pasadena and closer to my house); the hamburger (perfectly fine if undistinguished thin, char-grilled patty; I prefer Lucky Boy); and a pastrami sandwich (kinda like the Hat).

Really, though, everything I've ordered has basically served as a side dish to go with the frings.

But I recently tried the gyro.

Best gyro I can remember having.

Tried it again last night, and it was as good as I remembered from a week or two ago.

They provide a very generous portion of the gyro meat. It had a very "meaty" texture. Sometimes, the stuff can have the look and feel of being meat-flavored filler, but not the meat at Connal's. They really load up the sandwich, too; too much for one sitting. It's topped with a healthy serving of sliced red onion and sliced tomato, and topped with a tzatziki (sp?) sauce (cucumber-yogurt sauce).

Someone else has gotta try it. I'm having cravings for this gyro. Am I crazy?

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  1. i didn't even know they have gyro. i should have guessed though. the owners are greek.

    i'll try to make it over there sometime and let you know what i think. usually, its a avocado sandwich and a chocolate-banana shake for me there.

    1. Wouldn't surprise me if they use the processed gyro meat stuff that most fast food places use...hence the meat filler flavor texture. Nothing wrong with it...I like it too. Ask to take a look at it next time before they cook it.

      My favorite at Connal's is the rib eye steak sandwich with a peanut butter chocolate shake.