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Oct 12, 2006 12:32 AM

Yorkshire Fish & Chips by Lake Merrit Review

I ate there today. I think its on Grand.

I didnt think it was greasy or heavy enough which means you guys will all probably like it.

When you order the 2 piece, its cut into about 6 strips. I wish they would just have bigger peices. The batter is very very crispy when you bite into it and not very heavy. I thought it was panko or something, but its not. You can tell the cook who makes it really cares. hes kinda slow and I think does an order at a time. He cant put just multiple orders in the fry vat as I think its too much for him to handle and he wants it to come out right. It comes with Chips and a greek salad that was wonderful.

You can select fish, from catfish, tilapia or cod. Cod is the best for Fish & Chips IMHO, so I went with that. It was juicy, but I like my cod more gelatonious and slippery. This was dense and more like halibut, which i think all of you will like.

I would go back. They have really interesting sodas too. ginger beer, inka cola (tastes like bubblegum), etc.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I agree that inka cola tastes like bubble gum which is not a good thing to my tastes. How expensive is it? Is it just fish and chips or do they offer anything else?

    1. 2 piece with chips salad and inka cola was $8.43

      1. Thanks for reporting. We live nearby, and a British friend once ate his lunch at our house that he'd bought at was a fried fish sandwich and didn't seem too special, so I never checked the place out...but now I'm curious to try it.

        For the record, it's on E.18th near Park Blvd, about a block past the Merritt Restaurant - which has excellent fried chicken and waffles, by the way, unless it's slipped in the last year or so. I haven't been there in a while and I think there may have been some downhill reports.

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          I was at the Merritt Restaurant for lunch about a month ago. Had the fried chicken and waffle - chicken was good, waffle was excellent. Light, big, crispy - yum! Staff was really friendly, and a free parking lot too.

          1. re: chompy

            Umm. . .not sure if there's another fish & chips place, but the one the OP is talking about is not on E. 18th---it's on Grand near Harrison (unless there's another location?).

            Thanks for the report, Diamond Dog. It's about 1 1/2 blocks from my new place, so I'll definitely check it out.
            Oh, and Chicken & waffles are the bomb.

            1. re: Hunicsz

              Ooops, sorry. There is a fish & chips place on E.18th, but you're right, it's not the one Diamond Dog ate at.