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Oct 12, 2006 12:26 AM

Olivos - Tenderloin

This new(ish) Salvadorian/Mexican restaurant on Larkin (at Post) recently replaced the Vietnamese restaurant in the same location. I haven't seen any postings on it yet.

I've tried the Pupusas twice now, and enjoyed them immensely. I'm no expert, but they compare to the ones at Balompie Café on Capp, and they give you a healthy amount of spiced cabbage. You get them with or without rice and beans. I've also had the plantains, which I enjoyed, but I'm not an authority on those either. My friend liked her vegetarian Burrito.

They didn't have a take-away menu when I last went, but I recall burritos, tacos, and an entire page of fish & meat combo plates. They also had about 5 different beers by the bottle.

This restaurant is simple and unassuming, and I've found the chef and staff to be very friendly. The food seems cooked to order. Prices ranged from about $4 to $10.

If you're in the neighborhood, I'd recommend lunch there. The menu is the same for dinner. They were closed on Sunday.

Has anyone else been?

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  1. When I first read this topic heading on the message index, I thought you were going to tell us about Olive Bar a few blocks further on Larkin. Pupusas are of much more interest to me! Do they cook them to order or are the pupusas reheated?

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      I'll have to ask. Judging from the length of time it takes to get them (15+ minutes with a near-empty restaurant), I *think* they are cooked to order. Pupusas are my latest food interest, so I plan to explore the Pupusa topic on the board as well.

    2. Stopped by last night for dinner, they have really cleaned up this place! It is now a comfortable, clean casual dining room with a bar with stools, and a second larger dining room. The staff was very friendly, said they'd been open two months, and they now have to go menus.
      Tried the pork and cheese pupusa, it was good, especially with the slightly spicy dressed cabbage and some of their hottest salsa. (I have to confess, I took it home and put it in a low oven on a paper towel to absorb a little of the grease, was still pretty moist and satisfying).
      The chicken plate looked very good also, didn't try it, but it smelled wonderful and came with a generous portion of rice and beans and fresh lettuce and tomato.
      I will definitely go back to try more of the menu, partially because the Yuca Frita con Chicharones is calling my name, and also because they were so nice. Even the panhandler outside asking for food was pleasant.
      By the way, pupusas are made to order, we enjoyed our beer while watching them be made.