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Oct 11, 2006 11:35 PM

Green Tomatoes in San Diego?

I'd like to make pickled green tomatoes for my grandmama for her birthday but I haven't a clue how to find green tomatoes. Not the green heirloom ones, just regular, not-yet-ripe tomatoes. Any ideas on who might sell these?

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  1. DZ AKINS has them in the deli.

    We often buy them to take home.

    1. Thanks. Although that looks like a place that sells them already pickled...I think Grandmama will be happier if I make them myself. Still, I might get some pickled ones to compare with Grandmama's recipe. Thanks for the info.

      1. I bet whole foods could order some for you, got to the farmers market in Hillcrest on Sunday morning and ask one of the farmers if they can get you some.

        1. the little farmer's stand outside the Trader Joe's in UTC had green beefsteak tomatoes last week.