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Oct 11, 2006 11:32 PM

Fort Lauderdale dining

Hi everybody

I'll be in Lauderdale in two weeks on vacation from Philly with a group of 4. I've been to Lauderdale many times, but am looking for some recommendations for something new dining-wise.

I'm there five nights, one night is already put aside for Cafe Martorano (my favorite), another for something take-out. The other three nights I need reasonably priced places dressy or casual. Also, one person that's on the vacation is a picky eater, so anything to wild is unfortunaltey out (no sushi, no Latin).

I love Las Olas (been to Johnny V, Shizen, the crepe places). Any new spots over there? Or A1A. Distance is restricted by cab/bus, so strictly Fort Lauderdale locations would be best, maybe Deerfield or Pompano too.


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    1. Cafe M is our favorite too, in fact we moved from Boca Raton to Pompano Beach to be closer to Steve----we may have to move again, he's going to Las Vegas soon. Great place for fish I love the crab charlotte, their salads and sea bass or any fish cooked to perfection and they keep it simple so you taste the very fresh fish. I also love the key lime pie.
      They are now in Ft lauderdale on comm blvd.

      Simple and cheap, the best cheeseburger in Florida Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger House 4201 N Federal Hwy (between oakland&commercial on the west side
      )Fort Lauderdale, FL

      We also now have a great pizza place Anthonys coal fired pizza 2203 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
      good salad and chix wings- we prefer the small pie to the large as it cooks crisper and evenly

      Have a great trip