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Forced to eat at Perry's on Union St. (SF) tonight - anything edible?

Must attend a dinner meeting at Perry's on Union St. tonight. Expectations are set at rock bottom and I'm even contemplating eating at home beforehand.

Is there anything at all worth ordering so that I can save a little face?


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  1. Their hamburger is decent.

    1. Perry's offers reasonably good pub food. While nothing is gourmet, the burger is good as is sliced steak, salads or the basics. It's perfectly fine for a casual meal if you can enjoy traditional American food. (However, if you arriv eearly at get an order of dumplings from Betel Nut, who would know?)

      1. Wednesday (and Saturday) is "LOBSTER MADNESS" at Perry's....a complete lobster dinner for ....I forget how much...cheap, and good.

        1. You're in luck. Wednesday is Lobster Madness night -

          1. Perry's Downtown offers traditional cuisines in an informal atmosphere. Serving hamburgers, steaks, fish and chips, griled fish, fried chicken and prime rib sandwiches. Perry's is known for their Lobster Madness on Wednesday and Saturday. Guests get a one and a quarter pound Maine lobster with accompaniments for less than $20 served from 5pm until there aren't any more...so says Citysearch
            The lobster on wednesday is a good deal!

            1. ok, so I ended up going and didn't end up eating (though it seemed like there was some reasonably decent food to be had).

              however, wanted to respond to the above posts and let you all know that there was no indication of Lobster Madness. looks like this promo has gone away... bummer, because I so would have ordered it.

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                Thanks for the word. The posters for lobster madness wednesdays were still up when I walked by last Friday, must have just missed it, or maybe no lobster shipment this week.

              2. Whoa Whoa Whoa!! I thought the lobster madness was only at Perry's Downtown on Sutter St. in the FiDi.

                IIRC, Perry's on Union St. in the Marina has never had the lobster madness (not that I've been there more than twice in my life).

                1. Perry's on Union St. in Cow Hollow has had the Lobster Madness posters in the window.

                  1. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to check that out next time I'm in the Cow Hollow/Marina area. Brain was fuzzy when I typed Marina; I was placing Perry's on Chestnut for some reason.... =-B

                    1. Lobster Madness signs are very definitely in the windows of the downtown Perry's on Sutter Street.