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South of 14th St. sandwich tour

I'm doing a south of 14th St. sandwich tour on Saturday with a friend and would appreciate some recommendations. I recently tried, and loved, the following: the duck confit sandwich at Blue Ribbon Market; the brook trout BLT at Mary's; the porchetta panini at Il Buco and Despana's "Picante" sandwich.

I now have on tap:

The lamb with prune-hyssop butter at Savoy
The pork rilletes sandwich at Blue Ribbon Market
One of the ssam's at the new Momofuku outlet

What else should I consider? Are there any must-try items at Bread and Inoteca?

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  1. The Italian Hero at Faicco's Pork Store (with hot OR sweet peppers).

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      second, voting roasted red over hot or sweet

    2. What's that chinese greens sandwich everyone keeps raving about?

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        Are you referring to the chinese mustard greens sandwiched between two sesame flatbread?

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          whichever one is beneath the bridge

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            yea, fujianese people loves those mustard greens sandwiches.

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          I don't know what it is but I saw it being sold outside a little shop at 75 E Broadway. It is, as you said, under the bridge.

        3. vietnamese samiches.... banh mi so (on broome near elizabeth).

          1. Banh Mi Saigon, Mott St. between Grand and Hester (crystal and jewelry shop in front, lunch counter in back).

            Also, not to ignore the obvious: Pastrami at Katz's.

            1. What about Caracas Arepas Bar. Not exactly sandwiches, but......YUM!

              1. And don't forget the Spanish bocadillos at Despana on Broome Street!


                1. I love the lamb sandwich at Snack on Thompson and the Italian sandwiches at Alidoro on Sullivan (I think it's the Pinocchio that I like best there).

                  I also second the Banh Mi Saigon recommendation.

                  1. Slow-cooked pork shoulder on griddled mantou at Province, 305 Church (at Walker). Earlier reports: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    1. I prefer 'ino for lunch and would definitely suggest the coppa with grana padano and the pepper relish panini.

                      1. For Banh Me in the East Village, try Nicky's:


                        Try the well constructed shwarma's at ChickPea:


                        1. I just jumped the gun a little on my Saturday food tour by stoping by Momofuku Ssam. They just started serving this deeply flavorful, intensely smoky brisket, which I had with a flour pancake. I can't recommend it enough.

                          While I won't be going to Chickpea on my food tour (only because I've been there so many times), I second the previous poster's plug for the shwarma, which is second only to Mr. Broadway's.

                          1. I've got to second the Italian Special at 1.) Faicco's on Bleecker St. Love it, especially with the roasted red peppers! 2.) Caracas Arepas Bar is really good too. Its on E. 7th St. I think between 1st and Ave A or 1st and 2nd Aves. The wait can be long, but worth it. My favorite is the DE PABELLON. shredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese. Very tasty and good contrast of flavors. Another good place is 3.) BITE on Lafayette @ Bleecker St. They serve crispy, creamy panini sandwiches. I highly recommend the proscuitto, mozzarella, pesto, and sun-dried tomato or the nutella and banana panini ($3 for that one)! 4.) Crosby Corner is a little sandwich shop about the size of a closet or the corner of Bleecker and Crosby Streets. Only a small banner on the scaffolding indicates it. Pre-made subs that are tasty made by a man and I think his son. 5.) 'wichcraft on W. 8th Street @ Broadway has great breakfast sandwiches. I haven't tried the lunch ones yet. The fried egg, frisee, gorgonzola and proscuitto on a ciabatta roll is the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had! 6.) Peanut Butter & Co. on Sullivan St. between Bleecker and W. 3rd St. has almost every variation of peanut butter sandwiches imaginable. The Elvis is great! PB, honey, bananas and bacon on grilled bread. The Heat Is On-a spicy PB, grilled chicken and pineapple jam sandwich. I jus had one yesterday. 7.) 99 Miles to Philly on 3rd Ave. between 12th and 13th St. Great cheesesteaks! 8.) Kitchenette at 156 Chambers St. has a great roast turkey BLT on challah bread with a tomato mayo and excellent roasted garlic oven fries.

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                              "Caracas Arepas Bar is really good too. Its on E. 7th St. I think between 1st and Ave A or 1st and 2nd Aves."

                              Just east of 1st Av., north side of the street.

                            2. Second the Alidoro recommendation. I heart the Mischa the best.