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Freezer Fetish

I have one. More specifically, I love to eat snack foods just out of the freezer. They just seem crisper and more flavorful. In fact, I just enjoyed some fresh salsa with some good, cold tortilla chips. Anyone else share this predilection, or like any other not-usually-frozen foods?

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  1. Yes!!! I love eating frozen fruit (probably not that weird), but I also love frozen veggies (especially peas or corn) as well as tator tots. I haven't ever put tortilla chips in the freezer, but I think I'd love it.
    Also, oranges must be ice cold (but not frozen).

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      When my daughter was little she starting eating the frozen veggies- I thought it was that she was teething and it felt good on her gums, but 10 years later she still likes the veggies frozen!

    2. chocolate. nuts, especially alternating with raisins.

      I used to pour my milk over ice cubes to make it extra extra cold.

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      1. re: noahbirnel

        I like my milk icy cold too. So I put the milk and a glass in the freezer for about 10 minutes before pouring. No watered-down milk that way.

      2. I second the suggestions in the above posts.

        In the veggies section, I'd like to add stir-fry mix (esp. water chestnuts and sugar snap peas) and french fries.

        In the snacks category, I'm adding pudding, yogurt, and various baked goods.

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          I have always loved to snack on frozen cookies and cakes. Snacking on frozen fruit in the summer is a great idea, as you get both a sweet snack and the cooling effect when the temp is in the 80-90's.

          I thought that that everyone didn't put ice cubes in their milk. My daughter prefers it that way, but we would get very strange looks in restaurants when we asked that milk would be served this way.

          PS, I have never tried to freeze yogurt or puddings.

        2. There are many liquid & semi liquid things I like cold/frozen (I second the yogurt in the freezer). I must say, however, the only thing I particulary like food wise frozen is sliced pepperoni.

          I used to enjoy many more things frozen, but I've come around to the benifits of room temperature snacks- I think fruits and veggies at room temperature are just more fragrant, more savory.

          Maybe it's time to start browsing the freezer more often...

          1. you people are wierd. and you probably all have iron deficiencies, too... my wife eats frozen peas.

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              I only like fresh English peas, but I always keep a bag of frozen peas in the house. They are great to have as a replacement for ice packs for athletic injuries. They mold to the body part in question, and they can be refrozen innumerable times.

            2. My girlfriend is all about the frozen peas and corn. I've jumped on this limited piece of the band wagon.

              Thing is, you can't taste flavors as well at very cold (or very hot, for that matter) temps. That's why sorbets and and ice creams have to have extra flavor to shine through, and (one of the reasons why) soft cheese is a whole different beast at room temp.

              1. My husband freezes all chocolate/candy bars before eating. I swear he's gonna break a tooth off one of these days (ever try biting into frozen caramel covered in chocolate?).

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                  I like ice cold chocolate too...never broke a tooth until I bit into an ice cream sandwich @ Disneyland. Actually, I broke two teeth. D'land wasn't so fun after that.

                  DH likes his grapes frozen.

                2. Frozen haribo gummi bears (gold bears, actually). And frozen grapes. And frozen chocolate-dipped biscotti...

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                    Forgot about frozen gummis.... Love 'em!

                  2. Water Crackers topped with cream cheese and raspberry jam.
                    When frozen its like a mini cheesecake bite.

                    1. Frozen bananas

                      Frozen Milky Way bars

                      Frozen Butterfinger bars

                      Frozen Chinese White Rabbit Candy

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                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        Frozen bananas dipped in a bit of microwaved chocolate make a very healthy summer substitution for Popsicles.

                        BTW, What is white rabbit candy?

                        1. re: Kelli2006

                          Read about white rabbit candy here:

                          I grew up on this stuff ... esp. the rice paper wrapping.

                          I used to stuff like 5 or 6 into my mouth at a time as a kid ...

                      2. Love frozen three musketeers bars, also frozen reeses cups.

                        1. I like frozen chocolate. Lindors are my fave. I have some peanut butter cups in there right now; thanks for reminding me!

                          1. Frozen fig newtons are great.

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                              Tangent: I recently heard on an NPR program that when Nabisco introduced non-fig Newtons, US fig consumption dropped by 50%!

                            2. love, love, love frozen nuts, especially if they are salted!

                              1. Thin Mints, grapes and mini candy bars

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                                  Second the Thin Mints. Best part is: you can have them for months!

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                                    Plus, you forget they're in there and sometimes you get a wonderful Thin Mint surprise.

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                                      Never was a fan of Thin Mints until this past year's Girl Scout cookie season when a friend shared her secret of eating them frozen. IMHO, that is the only way to eat them and are borderline addictive. Can't wait until next year because trust me, I never forget a cookie that has been stashed in the freezer!

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                                        So true! My favorite part of Thin Mints is that they have the perfect amount of salt.

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                                          You have to love the Thin Mint surprise.