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Oct 11, 2006 11:21 PM

Best steak dinner for 2 in Atlanta for $100-120?

Or in other words, where's the best steak in atlanta, OTHER than Bone's, Chops, McKendrick's, etc.? There has to be something better than Outback, Longhorns, that doesn't involve paying $200 or so...

fogo de chao is about right price point, and I'm all about mass quantities of meat, but you can only have bananas w/ steak just so many times a year. (I also like places where you can ignore the wine list and order beer and not get looked at like a bubba..which I apparently am.)

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  1. Try Highland Tap in the VA Highlands - great steaks, slightly more reasonable prices, a little more casual. They have a nice beer selection, though they are also known for great martinis.

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    1. re: pcwd

      I think Highland Tap is a great suggestion - I second it. I'd say it is a LOT more casual.

      1. re: LizATL

        Are the steaks there really that good? I would never have thunk it!

        1. re: rcburli

          I had a good, not stellar, prime rib there not that long ago. I think their other steaks are supposed to be pretty good as well and it is nice to support a local place that is not a chain. One word of caution, however, it can be smoky in The Highland Tap and the atmosphere is a bit run-down. Some have called it romantic on another board, but to me it feels more like an old-school kind of casual place like I grew up eating in in upstate NY.

          NY Prime looks good, but it seems like it is as expensive as(or more expensive than) McKendrick's, Bones, Chops, etc.

    2. New York Prime, voted consistently by some as the best in ATL.

      1. methinks I'll be giving Highland Tap a try;
        I'd heard of NY Prime before, never been there...only question I have is why does the menu on their website have asparagus listed at market price? Are asparagus futures THAT volatile?!?

        1. Seconding, LizATL, if you try Highland Tap, unless you like the smell of cigarette smoke with your steak, ask for a table as far from the bar as possible. I've had at least one otherwise fine meal there ruined by the billows of smoke that waft into the dining room.