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Oct 11, 2006 11:19 PM

Chinese in Menlo Park?

My husband is now working in Menlo Park and wonders if there are any decent Chinese restaurants in the general area. He is aware of Su Hong (both locations) and is not looking to go to the University Ave area of Palo Alto. Is there anything good on El Camino either north or south of Santa Cruz Avenue? There seem to be no Chinese restaurants whatsoever on Santa Cruz Avenue itself. And I don't think there are any in Sharon Heights either. Thanks!

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  1. Su Hong's Menlo Park location has a completely different menu than Palo Alto. Not recommended.

    Edited to add: I've had one decent dish at Ten-Fu, here's the post -

    1. Unfortunately, there are very slim pickings between San Mateo and Mountain View. There's only one other decent chinese restaurant near Santa Cruz Ave and that is Ten Fu at the corner of El Camino and Valparaiso, I believe. Ten Fu is better than Su Hong (Menlo Park), but not a destination by any means. Lunch specials with the fresh seasonal vegetables are the best bet. If he wants to head south on El Camino to Palo Alto, the choices get a bit better (Fresh Taste, Hunan Garden, Peking Duck).

      1. When you consider the number of Japanese restaurants in close proximity --

        Tokyo Subway
        Bonsai (Atherton/Redwood City border)

        -- it's quite strange that there are so few Chinese choices. Perhaps they don't want to pay the high rents here...