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Oct 11, 2006 10:48 PM

Is Jardiniere good for apps/drinks at the bar? Or elsewhere in Civic Center?

Looking for a pre-theater spot for a light dinner, not a full meal. Thinking about Jardiniere but open to other options, if anyone has suggestings?

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    1. re: Tyler McClellan

      Just to clarify - it has a bar menu?

      1. re: Maya

        You can order the full menu from the bar at Jardiniere. This is also true of all the places I listed below.

    2. Paul K has some great app plates as well. Good energy in there, too.

      1. If you want something sweet, Jardiniere is also a great option for dessert and drinks pre or post theatre.

        1. There is always Absenthe. They have the large bar area with tables for the light meal crowd. I'm a fan of the cheese plate with the matching wine flight.

          1. Jardiniere is an excellent choice. Interesting wine list and really good food.