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Oct 11, 2006 09:38 PM


After living near Greektown for over 7 years, I'm ashamed to say that I've NEVER had Moussaka. Which is weird, seeing how I love eggplant! So, I'm on a mission to finally try it. However, I don't want my first taste to be so bad that I never try it again. Hence, my search for a place that has really good moussaka (whether in Greektown or not).

Hey, if I get enough suggestions, maybe I'll try them all. :-)

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  1. Don't go to Ouzeri. It seems to me it was half-decent some five or so years ago, but two recent visits have me sworn off them. The last time, I ordered pastitsio; it was mostly a bad bechamel and overcooked pasta with a paltry quantity of ground beef sauce -- not even worth eating, and definitely not worth the price. On top of that, the service was almost non-existent. One was left with the feeling that they don't really want customers.

    1. I'd love to know this as well, I also live in the area. Whenever I've ordered moussaka it has been very oily and seemed to have been sitting around for days. In theory this should be a great dish - but where?

      1. I suggest Musa (847 Dundas West at Euclid). Admittedly, not the Danforth, but the last time we were there, the star at our table was noneother than the moussaka.

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          Is Euclid around the University Ave. area? I'm not that well versed with the west end but if it's not too terrible hard to get too, I'll definitely check it out. Is it an expensive place?

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            Euclid is three blocks west of Bathurst. And Musa is not expensive. It's quite quaint actually, nothing fancy.

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            Musa is really great if you want a casual dinner, with fun music and servers. Great Mousakka, but it sometimes runs out late in the evening. The Oregano rubbed sirloin on a bed of greens is delicious. Cheap, great eats.

          3. Funny you should ask...I hadn't had moussaka for ages and finally thought I should. Went to Ampeli's last week and had it and it was gross. The meat was dry, not sure how they managed that. And I could barely find any eggplant.

            Hate to say anything bad about Ampeli's because normally I quite like the place. They make an awesome grilled quail.