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Oct 11, 2006 09:14 PM

Ambala - on the way up

Have not eaten at my formerly favorite local Indian restaurant in a while; Ambala in its heyday was just fabulous but then sank very low in ambiance, service (won't address the parking issues) and most importantly FOOD - however today I needed more comfort food at lunch. Right after a boiled egg with soldiers, chicken curry a la North London with fries AND rice, my cuddly lunch is chicken curry. Today's lunch did not disappoint - food, service, ambiance (although the tiki palm decor clashes with the otherwise quite tasteful chairs and banquette upholstery. I had the lunch special -chicken curry (dark meat) with rice, naan, black eyed peas daal, potato patty (very good), salad with sweet carrot sticks and a delicious little serving of mango pudding. A sweet lassi complimented the meal. They will start to deliver locally, hopefully, next month. Curry (and Mme ZoeZ's lamb curry) had a good deep flavor and the whole lunch was nicely presented on the metal tray (which I am sure has a fancy name). Lunch $22 - and a brisk walk up the street home because parking is very problematic here. They now have a cute little patio with heat lamps and a water feature. Hey they are trying - hope they survive, landlord is trying to get permission to tear down and develop the corner. Hope it takes a long time. Oh, a nice touch is a pitcher of water on the table.

Westwood Blvd north of SM Blvd
next to Sunnin

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  1. Hi.. What are 'soldiers' that accompany a boiled egg?? Are you referring to a foodstuff, or to your dining companions?

    1. Soldiers are made by toasting white bread and cutting the slice into five strips - the soldiers, the backbone of English childhood breakfasts where the soldier is dipped in the egg (top off and a small dab of butter in the yolk). And then the lament "Mummy, I want more soldiers please".

      1. The lunch specials average around $10 and you are given a tiny portion of the main dish. We were there last month and my bf ordered the chicken tikka masala lunch special and was charged $2 extra for white meat which would have been fine as it's disclosed but his order only came with 3 small chunks of chicken. And we thought the food was only so-so and lukewarm. We wished we had gone to Shamshiri across the street. Any better options for tasty Indian in the area?