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Oct 11, 2006 09:00 PM

Child-friendly Indian Restaurant near Santa Monica

Any suggestions?

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  1. maybe try Akbar on Wilshire? the food there is good and the atmosphere is casual enough that kids would probably do well.

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    1. re: abbeyraish

      I second Akbar, plus the people who work there are really nice and accomodate special orders. I'm not sure if you are looking for just a kid-friendly atmosphere, or kid-friendly food, but I think that you could find both there.

      Ask for the Indian donut, your kid (and you) will love it.

    2. Perhaps Shershah in MDR?

      They have a lunch and brunch buffet; dunno if that makes things easier or more difficult with kids. Dinner is non-buffet.

      It's a pretty low-key environment, probably just fine for kids.

      1. Pradeep's on Montana Ave. at 14th St. often has kids eating there, and there's also a vegetarian restaurant on Wilshire at 19th St. in Santa Monica called Chandni's that has an all you can eat buffet at lunch and is very reasonably priced (meaning good for kids)