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Oct 11, 2006 08:47 PM

Healdsburg's Plaza Farms ... More Bovolo bliss

I was pleasantly surprised by Bovolo. I was illegally parked and rushing in for the gelato, but next time I’m in the area, this is going to be my lunch destination.

There’s a parking lot in back, but even so, on a Sunday in October, it was full. I snagged a menu on the way out and it looks so good. There’s a little section with tables in the back with additional patio tables outside.

This is more of a store with tables rather than a restaurant ... or so it seemed on my dash in and out.

This link has a lot of the menu items ... some changes due to seasonality.

Has anyone tried the zeppole or apple fritters?

Current pizzas not on the link
- Zucca – roasted butternut squash, Black Pig bacon
- The Harvest – fresh figs, roasted red onion, rosemary, gorgonzola, & pine nuts.

As to the gelato ...

This is really one of the top gelato shops in the Bay Area. Reading a lot of Melanie’s posts, it is nice to see how it has evolved. I can’t even imagine how wonderful it will be a year from now.

I had a taste of the peanut butter which had a rich, deep taste, like eating top-notch frozen peanut butter. The taste of ginger was lovely too. I was eyeing the rum raisin, but I was in a seasonal mood ... end of summer / early fall ... so it was the peach prosecco and apple spice.

The peach was lovely, but the apple really was the star. Unlike most apple spice ice cream/gelato, where pieces of apple are folded into vanilla ice cream, the gelato itself was pureed apples with the perfect touch of spice. It is the silky texture of this gelato that is so extrodinary.

Thanks Melanie for all those posts calling my attention to this great place.

Here’s the most recent gelato link I could find with a link to previous gelato posts.

More Gelato Greatness at Bovolo in Healdsburg

A few posts about their house made salami and other food.

Salumi @ Bovolo-Healdsburg

Housemade salumi and antipasti at Bovolo, Healdsburg

Healdsburg's Plaza Farms: Salsiccia Pizza @ Bovolo

106 Matheson St.
(inside Healdsburg's Plaza Farms ... if it wasn’t for the sign in the parking lot in back, I never would have found it since I forgot to bring the address. One half block away from Oakville Grocery and Downtown Bakery
)Healdsburg 95448

Tues – Thurs: 9am – 6pm
Fri – Mon: 9am – 9pm

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  1. I've heard good things about the breakfast offerings. Haven't worked up to them yet many gelato flavors to try...glad you made the trip.

    1. I was in Healdsburg last Saturday morning with some time to wait for a friend, so wandered into Plaza Farms and Bovolo. I wanted to try something there without having a whole meal, so I ordered the zeppole and Scharffenberger hot chocolate expecting a small something of fried pastry. Well, the plate arrived filled with several/many long, thick (1"?) strands of pastry dusted with cinnimon and sugar, still very warm. I loved them. They were essentially greaseless, except I did notice a glistening on my fingers afterward. Yes, I ate the whole thing. Note that I don't really know what zeppoli (plural of zeppole so the internet says) are supposed to be; the internet doesn't show them as the long sort-of-thick "strands" that Bovolo serves. I thought they were great, and enough for two people unless you just want to indulge like I did. Good bittersweet hot chocolate too. Very friendly young people working there.

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      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        How have I managed to not notice that Bovolo has hot chocolate on the menu?!? I'm 175 miles away from Healdsburg, but I've fetched the menu from my glove box, and there it is...Zeppole & hot chocolate, $6. After the talk on the Home Cooking board about carbonara, I thought my next order here was going to be the farfalline pasta carbonara (black pig bacon, egg and parmesan cheese, $10), but I think I've changed my mind. (g)

      2. The pork cheek sandwich is my all-time favorite -- actually ANYTHING that contains a pork product! When it is really hot, their spinach salad (with bacon, of course) is amazing. In cooler weather, go for a pizza.

        The service may not be the fastest, but most of the time it is because you are seeing them prepare your order (i.e. cooking the bacon) a la minute; meaning they have not pre-cooked tons of bacon the way other shops might. Well worth the wait!

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        1. re: Carrie 218

          Worth noting that Bovolo cures its own bacon and salumi, made from Black Pig and other heritage breeds.