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restaurant recommendations around Venice Blvd/Lincoln?

I'm moving to Venice Blvd (right at Lincoln) and wanted any restaurant recommendations where I don't have to look for parking for 10 minutes. Japanese, mexican, and american would be at the top of my list. Thanks!

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  1. Hey! We used to live right nearby. I think you'll be happy there, we did lots of exploring in the neighborhood.

    In terms of Japanese, Irori in the Marina Center has gotten solid marks on this board. We haven't tried the Skewers Place, Sakura House. We're planning to soon.

    Also there is 26 Beach, great breakfasts and Hamburgers. Nichols also in the Marina center is solid for breakfast.

    I'm sure others will have good recs for you!



    1. Have to agree with Dommy on Nichols -- good food in a surburbia setting. Also have to recommend Panini Cafe in the same area. They have great coffee and breakfast as well.

      California Chicken Cafe recently opened on Lincoln.

      If you're hankering for thai, just go down Venice a few blocks from Lincoln and you'll find Pam's. It's not your usual to-go thai food where the pad thai is orange.

      1. Pizza - Abbots
        Tapas - Primativo
        Burger - Beechwood
        French - Lilly's
        Tacos - La Cabana or Holy Guacamole
        Japanese - Wabi Sabi
        Sandwiches - Strohs, French Market
        Great food, great chef - Joes
        There's always Chaya Venice

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          I agree with most everything on this list with the exception of the taco recs. La Cabana smells like that dish towel I left to dry in my sink three days ago. Instead, I would suggest the taco truck on Rose/4th for lunch and the taco truck on Lincoln/Rose for dinner. For any meal, you should check out La Playita for ceviche and tacos (it's on Lincoln, north of Rose). That's the taco triangle in Venice.

          You might also consider driving over to Culver City -- there are some good options, including Taqueria Sanchez, Tacomiendo, and an Oaxacan restaurant whose name escapes me.

          1. re: glutton

            I agree, I think La Cabana is pretty poor. But it's open late.

            The taco truck on Rose/4th is La Isla Bonita, the one on Lincoln /Rose is La Oaxacena, I think.

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              Taqeuria Sanzhez is ok. Their chicken is the best. Right next to Taqueria Sanzhez, however, is a great Mexican restaurant by the name of El Abajeno. I love their enchiladas, chili relleno, and burritos. Check it out!

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                Taqueria Sanchez is on Centinella next to the Sushi Restaurant. The one next to El Agajeño is Carniceria Sanchez which has a more limited menu.

                The people who love Taqueria Sanchez love it for it's authentic tastes and for the menu items that aren't as common at enchilada/burrito/relleno restaurants.

                Read the following with the knowledge that I'm fussier than most when it comes to mexican food:

                Been going to La Cabaña for AT LEAST 27 years back when they didn't have the patio and didn't take credit cards. It was dirt cheap and pretty good at a time when pretty good wasn't common in the face of the ubiquitous and bland combo plate. Now it's still just pretty good except the overall standard and knowledge of comida mexicana is much higher and it isn't dirt cheap any more and it's usually a long wait. If you're going to wait a long time it might as well be at Paco's where the food is better. If you do go, I recommend the fish tacos.

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                  Wow... all this time I was calling it someting else. A sincere thank you KayZee!

          2. In N Out on Washington and Lincoln :)

            1. Star of Siam for Thai. On Lincoln. It's ugly on the inside because they do mostly takeout, but it's good.

              La Isla Bonita taco truck on Rose/4th, most weekdays from lunch to 5. Great al pastor tacos.

              Chaya Venice on Main has a sushi happy hour every day from 5-7. The best spicy tuna tartare and albacore salad! Cheap sushi specials for $3-$4 (the drinks, however, are $10). Hungry locals go in as singles and eat at the sushi bar. It gets really busy, so go early.

              Mistuwa Marketplace food court on Centinela/Venice Blvd. for ramen, udon and soba.

              Welcome to the neighborhood.

              1. uncle darrows (cajun) is on lincoln just north of washington, with a parking lot in the back (easier to access from washington blvd). i like their zeek po'boy sandwich, which is fried catfish, fried shrimp and potato salad all in a sandwhich. mighty good.

                1. I'll 2nd La Cabana for Mexican food- fresh hand made tortillas and margaritas.

                  From my understanding there are some excellent taco trucks in the same area at nights.

                  1. In addition to the foregoing, there are Wharo (Korean bbq) in the shopping center on the SW corner of Lincoln and Washington; Tsuji No Hana (sushi) down by Lincoln and Mindanao, which I prefer to Irori; Tlapazola Grill (modern Oaxacan) on Lincoln South of Washington [parking can be hard, though]; Taqueria Sanchez on Centinela South of Short; Spin (rotisserie chicken) on Washington West of Lincoln; Cafe Del Rey (upscale Californian) on Admiralty Way near the Ritz-Carlton; and Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln South of Rose . Oh, and a prior poster wondered about Sakura House (Japanese grilled skewers) on Washington East of Lincoln--it is terrific.

                    1. Spin Rotisserie Chicken on Washington @ Lincoln
                      Akbar across the steet from Spin - Indian
                      Tamara's Tamales on Washington, east of Lincoln.

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                        I have been looking for someone to give feedback about Spin, how does it stack up against other rotisserie chicken joints?

                        1. re: Jonah

                          Chicken is great and they have a nice variety of sides, including steamed veggies which are healthy, creamed spinach(currently maybe not avail:)) salads, etc. Similar to Cal Chx Cafe, but I think I like the chicken better.

                          1. re: Fresser

                            Yeah.....I like Spin...they give you this little garlic/ranch type sauce (not even close to Zankous FYI). The chicken is pretty good, much jucier than Chicken Cafe...comes with pita bread.....big portions. I like the TURKEY meatloaf..they give you 2 HUGE slices.....some people don't like it, but turkey is pretty lean/healthy.....

                            1. re: Xericx

                              Thanks for the tips, it's on my list.

                      2. has anyone tried the Italian place on Washington/Lincoln?

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                          Alejo's? In the strip mall? Garlicky heaven and very reasonable.

                          1. re: tdo ca

                            You are right on! YES Alejos- did you like the food??

                            1. re: miffy

                              Yeah solid bang for the buck red sauce joint - there's a sister location further south on Lincoln (Westminster?) pretty close to the airport, good place to stop en route

                        2. For basic but good breakfast, I really like Cafe 50s. Iori for sushi, Antica for Italian, Alejo's for chopped salad, Wharo can be good for Westside Korean and Uncle Darrow's. La Cabana is okay for late night Mexi grub.

                          1. Tajrish, casual, good Persian on Washington and Ocean.

                            Not a restaurant, but check out Rockenwagner's R Bakery on Washington (between Beethoven & Moore) for strong cup of brewed coffee and a pastry, particularly the bacon cheese stick.

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                              Bacon cheese sticks are awesome, as are their pretzel rolls and cakes (almond and apple are my faves)

                              1. re: tdo ca

                                The Cheese and Bacon Scones are just my perfect breakfast... I thank goodness that we moved from around the corner a few months ago... LOL!! :)


                                1. re: Dommy

                                  How much do these Cheese and Bacon Scones run cost?

                                  1. re: young_chower

                                    I'm not sure actually, I never paid attention to price, I just scarfed it down... LOL!! Their stuff in general is not cheap tho' :P


                              2. re: Rummy

                                The coffee at R Bakery is top notch.

                              3. For BBQ there's Baby Blues BBQ on Lincoln Blvd., just north of Venice Blvd. by Smart 'N Final.

                                1. There is another BBQ place on Lincoln next door to Brennan's Pub I think it is called Benny's BBQ. Good for take away.

                                  Nichol's is good for breakfast but I also love their salads and grilled cheese.

                                  Antica Pizzeria next to Soup Plantation in the Maxella center.

                                  C & O Trattoria close to Venice beach is large portions and hubby likes the sausage pasta and garlic knots. I think it's just ok.

                                  1. just added this to another thread
                                    For many years I worked at Sakura House in Venice/MDR area of LA (on Washington East of Lincoln). I have tried most of the places on your list and still like Sakura House the best. It is not the same as the Yakitori stalls you will find under the tracks at Shinjuku station in Tokyo. I probably would not get seafood but you are looking for meat so no worries. They have a new chef in the kitchen making side dishes and good appetizers. He was chef at Hama sushi in Venice for years.
                                    Matsumoto is both the owner and the cook and has been there for 15 + years.

                                    They have both set dinners and ala carte. I would sit at the bar and go for individaul skewers. They do a pretty good job of pacing the skewers but you could always order a few and then order more. They have a good selection of sake as well. There are a lot of regulars and they get full on Friday and Saturday. About 50% of the customers are Japanese (it was a great place to learn/practice my Japanese) I would make a reservation for the bar. The bar seats 15 and there are about 10 tables. Skewers are one to an order (some restaruants are two to an order) and they range from probably 2.50 to 4.25 per skewer. I haven't even looked a a menu for years even though I go at least once a month.

                                    Sakura House is mentioned in several other threads and for the most part they are favourable. I would be interested in hearing from others because I am, well not affiliated with Sakura House, I am biased!

                                    1. Places i haven't seen listed:

                                      Tlapazoa (Oaxacan) has opened on Lincoln south of Washington, west side, across from IHOP.
                                      Great Western Steak & Hoagie (a stand) at Lincoln/Superba for takeout hoagies.
                                      Maxwell's for breakfast, Washington & Walgrove
                                      French Market Cafe on Abbot Kinney between Venice & Washington for breakfast/lunch
                                      Tamara's Tamales...Washington w of Walgrove (s side of street)

                                      1. maxwell's is quite good.

                                        1. My Marina picks: For sushi, as mentioned, Irori is really excellent. It's in the same plaza (Mindanao and Lincoln) as Nichols.

                                          Best coffee is at Joni's on Washington - pretty solid diner-ish food menu, too.

                                          For Italian, try Fioretto in the plaza at Culver and Braddock, and in the same plaza, Asa-Ya for super-cheap and yummy curry/udon.

                                          At Centinela and Braddock, there's Sakura for incredible sushi, but expect a wait. (Don't confuse this with Sakura House on Washington, which I haven't tried :) )

                                          In Venice, right at the water on Rose, try Gaby's for Lebanese. And of course, there's Abbot Kinney pizza, which is some of the best pizza around...of course, parking is an issue :)

                                          Happy eating!

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                                            Gaby's is on Washington by the water. The one on Rose at the Boardwalk is called Candle Cafe or something like that.

                                            1. My favorite restaurant in this area is Joe's on Abbott Kinney. My roommate also likes Piccolo, but that might just be because the chef brought out black truffles (admittedly, from Oregon, but still).

                                              1. While not a restaurant, per se, but a new Peet's Coffee opened on Lincoln and Mindanao in the last week or so.