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Oct 11, 2006 08:41 PM

How does London sushi compare to L.A. sushi?

At low, middle, and high-end. Basically just curious.

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  1. fish & chips usually does not fall under the sushi category

    1. dunno about London, but a friend who lives in France (and owns a sushi restaurant there) told me that they don't have as many options in terms of sushi-grade fish... only have maybe 4 kinds of fish, no uni... actually he lost me after that cuz once I heard that I wasn't interested in hearing more. His opinion: sushi is best eaten in the US; this was after a visit here to sample food at several sushi places.

      1. The two "food types" that our friends who live in London want when they come to the States are Sushi and Mexican. My own experience in London is that decent sushi is *unbelievably* expensive, and still not great.